How Much do Scrum Masters make?

Scrum Master

With the influx of business and artificial intelligence, the world around us has changed. Due to this change, a lot of new roles have come up in the job market. People are coming up with a simpler solution to complex problems using technologies like data analysis and machine learning. However, these technologies are implemented with a proper framework and the companies are advised to adhere to these standards so that a professional atmosphere is maintained.

What is Scrum?

A scrum is a framework with the help of which solutions are developed for complicated and complex problems. These solutions are brought up by a lot of creativity. A Scrum Master ensures that the product delivered through the process serves the purpose and is of the topmost quality. Scrum also ensures effective utilisation of teamwork in coming up with innovative automated solutions. With a scrum master certification, you can understand the technicalities of the field and seek a career in the same. Being a relatively new field, scrum has found its place and a lot of companies are now looking for a scrum master. With proper training, you can easily understand the subject and with a lot of practice, you will be able to master it.

Who is a Scrum Master?

A person who generally develops an algorithm to come up with solutions to complex problems is called a scrum master. They know the implementation of agile methodologies to come with solutions from which a company can benefit. With a scrum master certification, you will understand the roles and responsibilities in a better way. These people are also called the drivers of change as they help the companies in upgrading their solutions concerning the change in the market scenario. These scrum masters are experts in their fields and they have the technical know-how to implement these agile scrum methodologies to bring out a successful solution.
A scrum master has to be good with the work he does. He needs to be aware of different processes and he must know how to work them out. A scrum master takes up the back seat and acts as a backbone in any project implementation. They bridge the gap between the business owners and the product managers and build comprehensive solutions to address different problems. They must have a proper experience of dealing with the tools and technologies as the work involves a lot of technical brainstorming.
He helps businesses in understanding the technical dependency of a particular project and tasks. A good scrum master must be a persuader and should influence people. With a scrum master certification, you can be market-ready for taking up scrum master roles.

How much do scrum masters make?

With automation, the demand for scrum masters has increased but only a few professionals are employable in this field. This factor makes it a very high paying job. In America, a scrum master earns about $100,000-$125,000. This pay is very high as compared to the average pay of the people working in different companies. In India, these scrum masters earn around Rs14,00,000 and can also be paid as high as Rs. 25,00,000. A master’s degree is not mandatory to become a scrum master.
Also, this pay increases with the level of training a person takes. A person with multiple certifications is more likely to earn a higher amount as compared to the base salaries. Companies like IBM pay Rs.16,00,000 per year which makes it a high-end product. Scrum masters are paid quite high and are considered to be one of the highest paying roles of all times. Companies are now moving towards Agile systems and they need someone to drive this change.

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