How learning data analysis can impact your career?

Data Analytics Course

Data analysis holds the key to the future of most businesses. Earlier, the resultant data of any transaction was either not captured at all or, at best, recorded manually. Such details would be usually generated and preserved in excel sheets and used by an organisation to make data-driven decisions. However, such manual practices are unimaginable now. The main reason is the massive volume of data, often referred to in this domain as big data. A career in data analytics, thus, is in huge demand. 

Nowadays, every organisation is digitally evolving. Business houses are using digital platforms to gather substantial feedback from their clients. This model may be best understood when someone chooses a product or service from an E-commerce platform. Past client reviews and earlier product ratings often guide the choice. The manufacturer or the dealer also gets feedback on the platform from the client and understands the product's sustainability and demand in the market.    

Role of A Data Analyst 

data analytics course

The function of a Data Analyst begins with recognising and gathering raw data. The next roles include cleaning or filtering the available raw data. The data is then worked upon using tools like advanced excel, statistics, and programming languages such as Python & R, etc., and presented in the form of easily understandable visuals like bar or pie charts. Thus, the knowledge of Power BI and Tableau is equally important. All these tasks of a Data Analyst are directed towards assisting or supporting the management of a business house to make a path-breaking and futuristic decision. This would pave the way for a targeted top line in the business with desired profit at the end of the financial year. Besides these, data analysis also helps the company to locate the present, and future potential of a said business, irrespective of whether it is a product or a service. The process can also predict whether a product should be discontinued from the market or a new product should be launched soon. 

How to Become A Successful Data Analyst?

Data analysis may be taken up as a career by individuals who don't have a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering. However, it should be remembered that aspiring candidates who want to learn data analysis must have a strong inclination towards the subject with an aptitude to learn and grasp complex topics in the subject domain. Since this job involves handling different algorithms and programming types, knowledge of languages like C++, Java, R, and Python becomes essential. Candidates don't need to learn all the languages simultaneously. However, starting with R & Python might prove to be helpful. Over time, the candidate is free to master other useful languages to secure a better understanding of the domain. 

Apart from the hard-core technical knowledge of the profession, knowing about the services offered by the organisation or the product manufactured is desirable. The more the candidate develops this knowledge, the better the aspirant may analyse the data. The accuracy of prediction or extrapolation of data will also have far-reaching effects. 

A successful Data Analyst should have both an innovative and inquisitive mind. He should develop a habit of taking notes from different research papers on the subject and from videos.

Along with all these, candidates aspiring to become Data Analysts or existing data analysts must create a community of people with similar educational backgrounds and common professional interests. Within the circle, they can discuss good practices and try to absorb them in their daily activities. Listening to success stories from professionals from a different background other than software engineering will also boost the morale of aspiring job seekers in this domain.


The job market for a Data Analyst is debatably growing at the fastest rate as per industry standards and shall have a very high demand in days to come. Every organisation is now relying on data as its prime mover. Whether it is an overall prediction for a business market or a key decision regarding an upcoming or an existing product or service, data analysis is the only modern solution in today’s world. With an advanced analytical mind and a strong command over the business domain, young Data Analysts may aspire to become Data Scientists someday. 

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