How is Machine Learning Impacting The Education Industry?

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Machines today are being used more than ever due to the simplicity of their making and their ability to learn and create value to organizations. The story is not different in the education space either. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used to create modules for students, which are highly personalized and intuitive. One of the biggest benefits of using machine learning is because of the computers ability to process large volumes of data both historic and real-time and analyze it for predictive outcomes. Artificial Intelligence is already being used to grade papers (multiple choice questions) fairly and effectively in many schools across the world. It is also impacting the lives of specially-abled students by providing tools and equipment to study and succeed.
The education industry is moving beyond classroom and textbook learning to create more immersive programs for their students. Digital libraries are growing at a rapid pace due to emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and AI.  Another great example of machine learning usage is to categorize content in a manner where the student finds it easy to build on existing knowledge. This means that it gives a student the opportunity to learn at his/her own pace and succeed while doing so, thereby greatly boosting the morale of the child.
Here are a few ways machine learning has become a game changer in the education space. 
Supporting Teachers
Machine learning helps teachers program a curriculum which is highly individualized for their students. Kids today are smart and fast learners due to their increased exposure to technology. Hence the subjects also need to be contemporary and relevant. All their students’ data in terms of marks, activities can be historically analyzed to create personalized lessons, thereby matching the child’s ability to learn and succeed.
Custom-Made Subjects
One of the biggest advantages of machine learning training is a personalized learning experience for individuals. Every child learns at a different rate and is proficient in different subjects. Once data is gathered on the child’s different abilities, a machine can analyze and build a program specific to the child’s needs thereby controlling the outcome as well as the rate of learning. Another aspect of this is it will help grade students fairly and as per their ability without any human bias.
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Increase Retention 
Through Machine Learning teachers can identify students who are likely to forget and help them with specialized chapters and techniques to retain the subject. Learning analytics tools such as Wooclap, Yet Analytics, BrightBytes provides precise predictive solutions through different learning ecosystems. This helps educators adapt and improve their content significantly mapping it according to the students' needs.
Since we are discovering more ways machines can be used effectively in classrooms, one can predict that the growth trajectory and successful integration of machines are highly possible soon.

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