How Imarticus Helps For A Data Science Career in Pandemic Times?

Data Science Career

Data-driven strategies have shot up in popularity after the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on business plans. Data science is a key player in sustaining businesses not just now, but in the future when similar turbulent circumstances threaten to bring down shutters on previously stead organisations.

As a result, hundreds of companies across India and overseas are looking to add more data scientists to their repertoire. This comes from a need to drive more data-driven decisions and make businesses more resilient to change.

Here are some specific reasons that make a case for how choosing a data science career can be beneficial in times like these:

  • A need for general expertise

While previously companies favored data science specialists, today they prefer generalists and Jacks of all trades. While specialists come with in-depth knowledge and specific skill sets, they often cannot think beyond their domain. Companies today need someone who has skills to use across the board so that they can both learn on the job and be useful where they’re needed.

  • A need for understanding project flows

Many companies who are delving into data science now are probably unsure of their footing and their way forward.

Data Science CourseA data scientist is critical in companies like these, as they bring expertise to the table and understand the flow of projects much better than anyone else. With a data scientist at the helm, all other players in the process can fall into place. This reduces the pressure on upper management to figure out project flows; they can now leave it to the experts.

  • Higher chances for growth

Data scientist generalists are more likely to grow with the company– something many organisations prefer. Unlike a specialist, who already has a defined skill set, rookie data scientists can be shaped and molded into an ideal employee for the company. In the process, the data scientist becomes an intrinsic part of the organisation, learns business tactics and applications and develops skills through experience rather than through specializations. As a result, they become both experts and creative problem-solvers.

  • Immediate requirements

Businesses are struggling to stay afloat during the aftermath of the pandemic and are realizing their urgent need for data-driven business plans. As a result, many of them have put out feelers and immediate job offers for data scientists. This is in complete contrast to other fields that are seeing scores of job cuts, furloughs and pink slips, and goes to show that data science is only increasing in popularity.

It is worth keeping in mind that, despite recruitment into data science roles, many companies have slashed budgets and can’t afford to pay more experienced scientists at this stage. Rookie data scientists form the perfect compromise–  they’re eager to learn, have the necessary skills and can be accommodated within tighter budgets without reduced salaries.

  • Opportunities for upskilling

As rookie data scientists settle into their roles, many companies consider upskilling them for higher positions or specific technical projects.

Data Science CareerThis is an invaluable opportunity for fresh data scientists as the company takes care of all the costs and only asks for your attention and application in exchange. Adding a data science course to your CV will also help you get a leg up on the competition when you’re ready to switch roles or companies.

The final word

The data science landscape has shifted significantly in response to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, rookie data scientists who are only just entering the field have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make their mark and cement their place for when things stabilize.

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