How Big Data Fits In With The E-Commerce Customer Engagement?

Briefing the Big Data

If you are reading this wearing the glasses you ordered online, chances are that big data has some role to play in your purchase. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of big data reading the following piece of content here is going to add a whole lot to your knowledge base.

Big data can be understood as a big pile of the database that is amassed over time from various sources called data points, the big data helps in the identification of patterns, trends, and aid in providing useful insights for businesses and other parties in possession of the data. It is generally valued by big corporations to target their customers with ease.

The Virtual Customer

Big data is the norm today no matter what industry are you in, Big Data Training is the ultimate solution in the age of digital data and global consumers. Sales is a smooth sail in the digital ocean, courtesy of the big data!

The digital world has a new way of marketing things, different from traditional means of marketing the online and digital marketing expenditure has different components to it in terms of cost for content and creatives to lure in the targeted customer.

So how do you quantify and asses the performance of your marketing expenditure in the digital world? Well to address this query we have to dive deep in the concept of customer engagement in the dot com world. So customer engagement here unlike the traditional methods of marketing is counted through likes and comments and online traffics on the website.

Among the countless boons of technology, the one counted among the giants is enhanced globalization and making the concept of the world as a global village come to life. This has helped a lot of organizations to increase its customer base globally.

Talking about the businesses whose sole existence is credited to the merits of technology, e-commerce has a lot to be thankful for. Anyone who can connect to the World Wide Web could be a prospective customer.

To determine if you can target the one visiting the world wide web to come to visit your store needs a lot of insight about the visitor's taste and preference his past track record of purchasing a product and the general trend of things, this is where the big data fits into the picture.

Big data boosting Ecommerce

What has been observed today is that customers are missing the human touch which can be understood in a sense as a personal attention deficit that the traditional brick and motor stores provide to a great extent. In the cutthroat landscape of eCommerce, you can’t just go with one size fits all approach, you have to style your market in a customized fashion making it more personalized for people visiting your E-stores.

Today the customer’s willingness to pay is not just limited to providing quality products, in the contemporary the game has changed altogether, people see everything as an experience, the better you polish that aspect of the business the more probability there is to gain a fair share in the market and retrain the customers.

Big data has amassed the data about all the variables that could possibly affect a buying decision. From personalized gifts to customized loyalty programs it delivers upon all the aspects of personalization that will generate new customers and will help retain the existing ones into the customer list.

Research has also shown that those who are using big data tools for their e-commerce business are likely to be more productive and efficient in their functioning. Big data not only delivers for the sellers on e-commerce but it’s also a magnificent time-saving tool for the customers as it helps them in a lot of aspects, from finding the right product to choosing the best fit.

Selling online is a different story, the big data pumps your marketing by only targeting those who matter based on the past records of purchase and preferences, and this naturally increases the conversion rates and the return on the marketing expenditure.


Big data is a game-changer for the e-commerce business segment given the presence and deep penetration of the digital world. Personalization of products and other customized services is enhanced to a huge extent with the application of big data.

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