How Artificial Intelligence is The Milestone in the Domain of Data Analysis?

Artificial Intelligence is a techno beast which is out of the cage and willing to strike big. It was an idea whose time came when IBM powered Deep Blue computer forced Grandmaster Garry Kasparov into defeat. Even though we didn’t know much about AI back then, largely because it was mostly under the supervision and not ready for common use. But now is the time to take a deep plunge into AI if you want your businesses to progress in today’s highly competitive world.
For any business, consumer data is very important and the fine details of this data predict your product’s success in the market. Even though it looks very simple but deciphering consumer data is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. From the surface, it can look either positive or negative, where a layman’s approach would be to sift the positive out of it and focus on it to feel happy about the prospects. Most companies don’t even look at the major part of the data available to them because it is very complex. And that is why most companies remain average. Forrester Report 2014 states that companies only look at 12% of the total data available to them. This is tantamount to a blunder if you are doing it out of oblivion.
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Data analysis is mostly done in an inept manner because it is done by content marketers who aren’t equipped to handle data analysis. Big data is not possible to be handled by content marketers. That is where Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture and not only brings the horse to the well but makes it drink too. Here are a few basic things AI can help you with.

AI helps in structuring and comprehending the data in a better way. It not only analyses and sifts the significant pointers but also builds prospective leads. Harvard Business Review says that Conversica AI is one such example which is so good that it gave juicy leads to companies.

  • AI makes your marketing personalized as it is adept at understanding the consumers’ patterns, interests and present needs. Such a fine-tuned analysis cannot be done without the help of Artificial Intelligence. One can float a survey and find out that the majority of the customers would be willing to buy your product if it caters to their interests and how they want it. A personalized marketing can even help high-end products sell like hotcakes. Everybody likes to be pampered.
  • AI erases any chance of manual tottering with the complex set of data. Once you reached the zenith of manual sifting, AI comes into play and gathers, arranges, dissects and presents to you the simplest of the data pointers which anyone adept at data analysis would understand. All companies would like to have more time at hand to make better strategies and campaigns instead of sitting with the data and chewing on it. By the time you are manually done, the consumer dynamics would change.

Your consumer data is your intersecting point with your presence as well as prospective consumers. Companies have a good chance of making a good dough of it and create great communication, products and services which will take their revenues to another level. This is why you need Artificial Intelligence.
Trust Artificial Intelligence to come to your rescue when the Big Data is involved. Ignoring it is not an option. If it can beat Kasparov in the 80s, the absence of it would mean you can be beaten as well. Companies aren’t Kasparov, his points weren’t deducted, yours will be.  We hope that businesses will make a good choice.
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