How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Is Altering the Marketing Landscape?

artificial intelligence and machine learning courses

In this technological era, new technologies are being introduced in the market now and then. Businesses are no more using the traditional marketing methods to generate ROI (Return on Investment). Businesses are using new-age technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) for better marketing and promotion.

Many young marketers are looking for a certification in AI & ML for securing better job roles in the marketing industry. The marketing landscape is continuously changing, and businesses need a sustainable solution. Read on to know how AI & ML are disrupting the traditional marketing landscape.

Use cases of AI and ML in marketing 

 One can see many real-life use cases of AI and ML in marketing around them. Some of the most popular use cases of AI & ML in marketing are listed below:

  • Businesses now use chatbots for their websites or software applications. Chatbots can interact with customers all day long and can solve basic queries. With a better user experience, businesses can retain their customers.
  • AI & ML can help provide accurate information to customers whenever needed. Inducing automation in marketing processes can reduce the manual load on an organization.
  • AI and ML tools are used by businesses to track dark social sharing up to an extent.
  • Many businesses are planning to use self-driving vehicles for marketing campaigns.

Driving factors for the use of AI & ML in marketing

 At present, businesses need to create personalized marketing content based on the preferences of the customer. Predictive analysis powers of AI/ML tools are helping businesses to create personalized marketing content. The recent COVID pandemic made it difficult for marketers to connect with their customers.

There was no physical interaction with the customers during the pandemic. AI & ML can help in collecting customer data even without stepping into physical markets. The need to decrease human labor in marketing processes has also forced businesses to go with AI and ML tools. With automated marketing processes, businesses can cut costs and boost ROI. In recent times, many businesses have focused on hiring marketers that have a certification in AI & ML for better results.

 How AI & ML are altering the marketing landscape 

Traditional marketing campaigns are launched with minimal insights. With AI & ML, you will have better insights before launching marketing campaigns. Marketing campaigns are becoming target-specific with AI & ML.

An ML/artificial intelligence course can help in learning more about disruptions caused in the marketing landscape. Businesses have to adapt according to the ever-changing marketing landscape to retain their market share. The benefits of AI & ML in marketing are listed below:

  • Marketers are getting better sales leads with AI & ML tools.
  • Marketers can understand the customer behavior and then launch marketing campaigns accordingly. It is better to understand the pain points of customers and then create personalized products/services.
  • Businesses are leveraging the power of customer data with AI/ML tools. The overall marketing cost is also decreased with the use of AI and ML.

How to learn AI & ML in 2021?

Young aspirants can go for the ML/artificial intelligence course offered by Imarticus Learning. The course name is ‘Certification in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning’ sponsored by E&ICT  Academy, IIT Guwahati. The certification in machine learning and AI follows an industry-approved curriculum. With numerous real-life industry projects and assignments, Imarticus offers a better learning experience.


Online certification in machine learning and AI can help marketers in securing better job offers. The role of AI & ML in marketing is increasing due to the recent WFH (Work from Home) culture. Start learning AI and ML for productive marketing!

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