How a machine learning course will transform your resume in 2022?

artificial intelligence and machine learning courses

An artificial intelligence (AI) technology that trains computers to learn and better itself based on experience without being explicitly designed is termed Machine learning (ML). It is a set of computer programs trained to retrieve and use data. Machine learning enables computers to observe the data and provide a result without any human intervention or observation.

Machine Learning with Python

AI is the machine intelligence that leads to the practical solution to the problem, and machine learning takes AI technologies a step further by employing algorithms to examine data, learn, and make intelligent conclusions. 

For AIML, the program developers use the programming language python because it has many libraries and frameworks to make coding easy, and it also saves time.

Thus, machine learning is all about application, and if you know python, you can grasp machine learning fast. To implement anything, you should know how to code it.

Machine Learning Course

At Imarticus, we offer you an extensive program to become a data scientist, data analyst, machine learning engineer, or AI engineer, and, by becoming analytics, you can build machines and systems that will react as humans do.

In the Data analytics certification, we will teach the technique to create a machine learning model that will accurately work to give suitable and best outcomes. We will develop your analytical abilities to choose the correct algorithm as per the model compatibility and your requirement.

The first requirement of a machine learning model is data collection and its interpretation. Therefore, at Imarticus, we give you the knowledge of data manipulation, analysis, and visualization. 

As analytics, you learn to extract ideas from your team, choose proper tools, use a machine learning framework, and stay up to date with the latest development. 

The key responsibilities of analytics are:

  • Collect data, study, and then convert it into data science prototypes
  • Research for the appropriate machine learning tools and algorithm
  • Build a machine learning application that will meet the industry requirement
  • Choose the correct data and the visualization methods
  • Perform machine learning tests
  • Execute statistical analysis from the test results.
  • Set the model for accurate results

Machine Learning Resume

Your resume is your introduction and first impression for recruiters, but writing perfect codes and preparing a good model may not get you your dream job. You have to delve deeper.

Furthermore, if you want to survive in the job market, you should not only have the skills, but you should also know how to endorse these skills to your name. Furthermore, you should have an exceptional and organized resume. Hence, you must include the following points in your resume:

  • You are a certified machine learning engineer
  • Briefly mention your projects and your contribution
  • Describe your work experience in one-liner points
  • List down every information in reverse chronological format
  • Prepare a summary of your resume while highlighting your contributions

 Machine learning has a promising future, and these professionals are high in demand. At Imarticus, we know this so, the expert mentors will give you a practical understanding of AIML. They will help you to develop skills to unlock lucrative career opportunities. 

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