How a Data science course from IIT can be beneficial for your career

Data Science Course

The study of data which extracts important insights for a business or any organisation is known as data science. It combines statistics and mathematics, machine learning, advanced analytics, specialised programming, and artificial intelligence (AI) with expertise on specific subject matter to extract important insights which sometimes may be hidden in the data of an organisation.

Obtaining a certificate program in data science and machine learning helps one to stand out amongst the other applicants, especially if the course is done at an IIT. This also makes one more eligible for a job in this field of data science which is quite a lucrative career to pursue.

Benefits of having a certification course in data science

The field of data science is growing rapidly, and more and more employers are valuing skilled people in the field of data science. One of the largest benefits of recruiting data scientists is fueling data operations and enablement in an organisation. But, the benefits of having data scientists are just not restricted to analytics or data science. They have a vital role in various organisations across different industries. Here are some reasons why data science courses are necessary:

Freedom, flexibility and options



Data science is a line of work where one has a lot of potential options and can never get bored. There are many industries that leverage data science’s powers, starting from finance and healthcare to entertainment and retail. All companies and industries need extremely qualified data scientists, and they have started realising that. If one does a certification course in data science, there are other job opportunities also available apart from becoming a data scientist. One can choose to work as a data architect, data engineer, business analyst, research scientist and much more.

Learning the most important tools of data science

The field of data science is continuously evolving, and data scientists always try to use innovative and creative tools to keep pace with the company’s changing needs. Different organisations use different tools, and for that reason, one cannot limit his/her knowledge to only one. It is extremely important to add to one’s skill set and know about the various tools of data science that a specific company uses. Having a data science certification course ensures that.

Keeping track of current industry trends

Registering for a course in data science helps one to keep track of all the latest industry trends in that specific domain. It is essential to learn new skills in order to expand the knowledge base of a data scientist. If one is engaged in a full-time job, then it can be very difficult to understand these things from different sources. For this reason, it is more efficient and beneficial to register for a data science course from an esteemed institution in order to enhance the learning experience. This can also turn out to be an asset for current employers and future potential buyers as well.

Easily showcasing the expertise 

When one applies for a new opportunity, employers take different factors into consideration while evaluating the employee’s experience. Quite often, on-the-job experience helps one to show expertise in a specific field. Potential employers look up to experience through a well-reputed course certification as it reveals the candidate’s credibility and knowledge. The most beneficial position for a data scientist is to have on-the-job experience, along with a professional certification course in data science.

Benefits of having a data science certification course from IIT

  • IIT faculty members and experts in this industry have designed study programs to enable learners to build a solid foundation in the field of data science, which specialises in machine learning and Python. 
  • The programs are delivered live through different online sessions held by some of the top faculty members of India.
  • Through the Digital India support scheme, IIT Roorkee provides a platform for people who plan on building startups. They can pitch the ideas of their startups and raise funds. This is a great opportunity for people who want to start their own companies.


Data science is an evolving field of study requiring a host of skills. There is a lot of career options to succeed in this field. IIT Roorkee data science online course and the IIT Roorkee machine learning certification course are some of the best programs on data science available in the country. These courses offer the fundamental aspects of data science along with the proper knowledge for implementing and applying these concepts in real-world scenarios. The 5-month Imarticus program built by iHUB DivyaSampark and IIT Roorkee will open the doors to top job placements.

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