Here's How To Build A Connected System In Supply Chain Planning

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Here's How To Build A Connected System In Supply Chain Planning

In recent years, supply chain management has seen significant changes. Companies utilize enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems primarily for cooperation and data tracking. Some businesses use a combination of spreadsheets and ERP systems to plan, while others employ cloud-based planning tools.

All diverse systems, technologies, and networks involved in a connected supply chain are interconnected. They must effectively interact with one another to ensure end-to-end visibility and efficacy across the supply chain.

Many companies that wish to improve their operations have this as their ultimate goal. Connected supply chains can benefit from automation technologies since they provide system cohesiveness while also enhancing efficiency by reducing human chores in the end-to-end process. In the event of a disturbance, process automation can also assist supply chains in maintaining their resilience and adaptability. This blog post will help you guide how to build a connected system in Supply chain planning.

What is the process of supply chain planning?

The process of planning a product from raw material to a consumer is known as supply chain planning. Supply planning, production planning, demand planning, and sales and operations planning are all part of this process.

Supply planning identifies the most efficient technique to meet the demands generated by the demand plan. The role is to strike a balance between supply and demand that meets the company's financial and service goals.

Demand planning predicts demand to ensure that items get supplied on time. Demand planning helps enhance revenue forecasting accuracy and synchronize inventory levels with peak demand.

How To Build A Connected System In Supply Chain Planning?

To view the larger picture, use business processes.

You can't replace your current IT assets when modernizing the supply chain. When it comes to supply chain transformation, you don't have to start from scratch; you may improve the fundamental techniques you currently have.

To acquire the visibility you need to optimize operations, mapping your business processes is the best place to start. You can't maximize something you don't understand. This method will help you focus your transformation efforts by first pointing out which procedures should be automated.

Combine supply chain and enterprise planning.

The second essential step is connecting supply chain planning to sales, operations, and financial planning. Companies may make real-time adjustments to inventory estimates and supplies by synchronizing their short-term operational planning with more effective business planning procedures. 

When real-time S&OP solutions with enterprise-wide collaboration get implemented, critical stakeholders throughout the organization can immediately generate new scenarios and analyze how to use their resources efficiently to maximize revenue when an unforeseen incident occurs.

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