From zero to research- An introduction to IIT AI/ML course

artificial intelligence and machine learning courses in India

AI & Machine Learning in Everyday Life

The importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly on the rise and so is its involvement in our everyday lives. Although we don’t often think about it, AI is everywhere.

From chatbots that communicate with us on various online shopping platforms and websites to social media platforms that target audiences and advertise products based on our searches, AI is encoded everywhere. Being such a pertinent part of business, these days makes enrolling in an artificial intelligence and machine learning course a viable option to ensure a lucrative offer in the job market.

Here are 8 ways AI is present in our everyday lives without us even noticing:

  1. Face recognition locking on our phones
  2. Friend suggestions, product/service advertisements based on searches on social media
  3. Spell checkers and Grammarly tools installed on emails and messaging portals
  4. Google searches
  5. Voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa
  6. Smart home devices such as air conditioning machines, electrical switches, refrigerators, and so on
  7. Google maps and other satellite-based trackers
  8. Content suggestions on Netflix based on your watching history

IIT AI/ML Course

Given the way AI is becoming a part and parcel of our lives, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is offering AI/ML specialized courses so that you can gain in-depth knowledge and skills in the applications and techniques associated with machine learning. The idea is to upskill professionals and train them in a manner so that they are ready to take on high-paying jobs in the world’s most demanding computer language.

These are certificate courses that span over a period of 6 months and during this time you will be taught the following subject areas:

  •         Basics of Python
  •         Mathematical Background
  •         Introduction to Machine Learning
  •         Regression Analysis
  •         Optimization in ML
  •         Unsupervised Learning
  •         NLP and text analysis
  •         Feature Selection and Dimensionality Reduction
  •         Reinforcement learning

Outcomes of the Program

  •   Are able to quickly and relevantly gather insights by analyzing data
  • Are able to come up with predictive models that use decision trees and neural networks
  • Can carry out mathematical operations on an array of data
  • Are skilled enough to operate Pandas so that you can manage data, rearrange them and carry out various kinds of analysis
  • Can create text classifications systems making use of learning methods and linear classifiers
  • Professionals can compare optimization techniques and how they effectively solve learning issues across platforms and models to reduce the extent of errors

Who Can Apply for the IIT AI/ML Course?

The artificial intelligence and machine learning course is perfect for anyone keen on learning about machine learning.

Additionally, this program is the right fit for professionals who understand computer programming language and has completed their graduation with preferably a year of practical experience in the industry. You will find this course if you:

  •         Are tasked with machine learning projects or software development
  •         Wish to be at the helm of machine learning projects or want to work in this field
  •         Already have practical knowledge of programming languages such as C, C++, and java

Why Should You Go for this Program?

When you enroll in the artificial intelligence and machine learning course at IIT, you are to get the following benefits:

  • Get a chance to learn and earn a degree from the country’s best engineering school
  • Get a chance to participate in interactive online learning sessions which will be in live mode
  • Will be able to interact and exchange ideas with the best faculty comprising of the top industry professionals
  • Engage in productive peer-to-peer networking and learning
  • Build a strong foundation in concepts such as high-level Python programming, AI, and ML 
  • Participate in the biggest placement on-campus drive


The importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning courses will continue to be on the rise given the greater involvement of AI in our daily lives. From healthcare, banking, financial institutions, gaming & entertainment to the airline industry, AI is a necessity, and enrolling in the IIT AI/ML course will equip you with industry-specific skills that will help you in every aspect of your professional life.

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