Forget Old-School Hiring And Opt For Strategic Sourcing Solutions

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Companies are constantly hiring more talent. But it has become tough to find the right person for the job. According to an analysis by Harvard Business Review, companies are relying on outside talent in recent years. This is one of the key reasons for struggling to meet personnel requirements.

As per the LinkedIn Learning Report, 2020, 94% of employees have stated that they would stay at a company longer if the employer invests in learning and development. Companies need to update their old-school hiring processes. They should opt for strategic sourcing solutions to meet their talent requirements. Companies should adopt training and development sessions. They would help upskill the existing talent base to meet the changing requirements.

68% of employees prefer to learn at work. But only 5% of companies have implemented leadership development at all levels. Companies need to adapt to modern talent solutions. They should listen to the feedback from the team to reorient the training and development program as a sourcing program for business needs.

How Imarticus Learning can help

Companies can choose Imarticus Learning as a partner to upskill the existing talent base in the organisation by opting for the corporate training program. We work with the mission to develop the leaders of tomorrow by delivering purposeful learning experiences. Imarticus Learning offers several programs in areas like marketing, finance, technology and analytics.

There is a mix of hands-on knowledge and practical training. Thus, there is a fine balance between in-class learning and exposure to practical concepts that are helpful in day-to-day operations. Companies can use these learning programs to transform their workforce. We offer holistic learning and development solutions that can be useful throughout the employee life cycle. Thus, Imarticus can be a one-stop shop for the entire learning and development requirements of an organisation.

Why you should choose Imarticus Learning

We have a wide variety of programs. Companies can choose one per their requirements. This will help their team get better at their jobs and achieve better profitability for the business. We have tied with several premier institutions like IIMs and IITs. This has helped develop rigorous programs that are experiential, valuable and progressive.

Imarticus Learning follows a structured approach to analyse upskilling requirements. We build a customised training plan for corporate training clients. We focus on delivering programs that are aligned with the mission of the organisation. Thus, we can help push the learning curve of employees for better results.

There are 150+ academic mentors and over 350 industry mentors. The experienced faculty members help learners with reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation and active experimentation.

We follow an activity-led learning model. The learning management system-based experience has videos and smart classrooms. These help the workforce get an in-depth learning experience. At the same time, it provides workable sourcing solutions to talent requirements.


It is the right time to redefine the hiring strategies. With the increased talent shortage and evolving requirements, companies should include corporate training to retain and attract talent.

It will also improve the employer's reputation. This will help get better applications for the existing job roles. Imarticus Learning is an ideal choice for this since we have partnered with several leading institutes. We offer a wide range of programs that can cover the requirements of various departments.

Companies need to realise that they should take steps today to create processes that can handle the evolving requirements of the business for the next few years.

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