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Data science has grown to be a data-intensive field in the past decade. In data science, data is king. The data you collect and analyze can help you make decisions to improve your business or solve problems that seem impossible to tackle.

Data scientists are in demand as data becomes more prevalent, data storage gets cheaper, data analysis tools become more sophisticated, and data-driven decisions grow in importance. In this blog post, we explore how data science has grown over the past decade and why data science should be your career choice!

How dramatically has the field of data science grown in the past decade?

The data science industry has grown drastically in the past decade. It is projected to grow by 48% between 2016 and 2026! That’s a huge number – especially when you consider how much data there already was in 2006. This growth has led to increasing demand for data scientists who understand data visualization best practices as well as data science best practices.

Here are some key highlights into the boom of the data science industry:

- Data science is growing at a rate of 13% per year, which is faster than the average growth rate in other fields. This data was from 2017, and it’s only been accelerating since then

- Data scientists are some of the highest-paid professionals around, with an annual median salary of $106,500 according to Glassdoor, as well as self-reported salaries on data science forums

- Data science is a highly valuable skill in the modern economy, which means data scientists are not only making good money but also have jobs that can’t be automated

- As more companies become data-driven and incorporate data into their decision-making processes, it creates new opportunities for employment.

Why is data science such an exciting career choice?

Data science is such an exciting career choice because data scientists are in high demand, and data analysis can be applied to almost any industry. Data scientists are in high demand because companies need individuals who can analyze data and provide insights based on their findings.

Data scientists must be able to work with large amounts of data, often from different sources, then use that information to create business strategies or solve problems by designing algorithms that process data sets in a way that improves efficiency or effectiveness. Individuals interested in this field should consider taking data science courses with placement.

Learning data science enables students to have an in-depth understanding of data science and data analysis, as well as the tools that data scientists use. It is also a very practical course when it comes to finding employment upon graduation as it enables students to practically use the skills that they have learned in their course.

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