Does Companies Hire Data Analyst Freshers? What Are The Criteria For Selection?

Data Analyst Freshers

Data Analysis is a science of collection of data and converting it into useful information in order to develop a better business strategy. Data Analyst training involves the learning of the required tools and language, a well-developed analytical sense and statistical knowledge.

This is quite crucial in the fast-paced world we live in today. Here the role of a data analyst is vital, as various business plans are structured based on the findings. Defining a certain range of products, the customers’ needs and current demand, various trends in market strategy and the areas of improvements required. 

While the field of data analysis might appear to be quite sophisticated, surprisingly, there is a wide chance for the freshers to acquire a job in the relevant company. Having a high GPA from a data analysis program is quite helpful for a basic-level job as a data analyst.

For the others, a basic degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Economics from a well-known University is also acceptable for a Data Analyst career in the beginning. For a fresher to land a job in data analysis, a bachelor’s degree is mandatory. As you proceed up the hierarchy of the job ladder, you will be paid in better terms. For this, you might want to get a master’s or a doctoral degree in Data Science or Business analytics. 

So, once you have understood that being a fresher is not a hindrance in your quest for a data analyst career, there are a few skills to develop as well:


  • High-Level Skills in Mathematical Ability


At the entry-level job, good maths skills can be quite impressive. Statistics and grip over formulae are necessary for translating the data analyzed into a real-world value system. In short, Maths helps you interpret your results to a more common language. This holds true, for a data analyst as well. When it comes to calculating compound Interest, statistical measurement, and depreciation. Also, as a fresher, the college-level Algebra is of huge help in making the visualizations more attractive.


  • Learning Programming Languages


For a better chance of a data analyst career, it is important to be well-versed in at least one programming language. These include Python, R, C++, PHP, MATLAB, JAVA.

However, the more programming languages you know, the better are your chances at a good job. 


  • DATA Manipulation and Management


One of the major skills as a successful data analyst is to be able to build relevant queries in order to extract the required data. For this language such as R, HIVE, SQL are essential. Also, having the skills to develop relevant reports after data analysis is a crucial aspect of the job. Data analyst training at various reputed institutes like Imarticus Learnings helps the freshers with such tools, languages, and programs.


  • Communication Skills


Just like all reputed job profiles, excellent communication skills are important and required for a stint towards a data analyst career. When dealing with clients, executives and experts, you should be able to ‘communicate’ your ideas the right way. 

Being a fresher is not a problem. In fact, it is an asset, as you are brimming with ideas and are enthusiastic about your goals. With the right kind of skills, there is no stopping your race to excellence.

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