Do we need to care about learning Hadoop online? Here’s what we know

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Do we need to care about learning Hadoop online? Here’s what we know

Hadoop is a distributed storage platform designed for big data. It also allows you to store large amounts of data and analyze it quickly.

Hadoop is a framework for storing and processing large datasets. It's also an open-source software project written in Java and designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines.

Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella created it. It was initially created to support distribution for the project to build a search engine called Nutch. Doug is currently the Chief Architect of Cloudera and was working at Yahoo! at the time.

How to become a data analyst?

To become a data analyst, you need to know the basics of programming and statistics. You must also understand how data types, such as text files or images, are processed.

The best means to learn these skills is through online courses that teach you software like R and Python and math concepts such as linear algebra and calculus. 

Analyzing Big Data with Hadoop

Hadoop store, manage and analyze unstructured data like text files, emails, videos, or images.

You can use Hadoop as part of your big data pipeline in two ways:

  • As a standalone tool that you use to retrieve or process your unstructured data (e.g., how long did it take me to download my film?)
  • As one of many tools in a Hadoop cluster (e.g., I want my team members on different computers)

What to keep in mind when learning Hadoop online?

  • Choose the right course. You don't necessarily want to sign up for a class that will teach you how to use Hadoop because many other open-source projects do that too. You need a course that focuses on what it means for your business and how these technologies can help you meet those goals.
  • Choose the right platform. The first step in learning anything is finding out where else you can learn from others who have already gone through this process. Once again, make sure whatever platform or tools you choose have great support communities so if something goes wrong during your trial run phase, then there will be someone who knows about it already!
  • Choose wisely! Everyone has different goals when starting out, so try not to worry about getting things perfect since perfection isn't even achievable.

Learn data analytics with Imarticus Learning

 With the help of this data science course, you could land a career in hadoop. Utilize what you've learned by using data science to create intricate models that produce essential business forecasts and insights.

Course Benefits for Students:

  • Students will be familiar with the most popular data science methodologies and tools, data analytics, and machine learning basics.
  • Students who complete 25 real-world projects and case studies under the supervision of business partners will receive a data analytics certification course.
  • The ability to display data using a data analytics tool is one of the most sought-after skills on the market. 

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