Digital Skills and Asian Job Market - What You Should Be Aware Of!

Digital Skills
With increasing digitization of everything from payments to record keeping, the demand for digital skills in the job market is on an ever increasing trend. Digital skills may be classified into big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning in the field of Data science; cryptography in areas of passwords and security in digital space; search engine optimization, video editing in the field of digital marketing and application development in the field of mobile technology.
The other skills which are much in demand are cloud-based applications, database management, programming and coding skills along with the ability to adapt and be adept at new technologies. Asia is one the regions where digital skills are most in demand. Moreover, the demand is poised to increase rapidly in the years to come as companies transform themselves to become a part of the digital revolution alongside the rise of digital start-ups.  
Asian Job Market
China, India, Singapore and Australia are some of the major countries in Asia where the job market for Digital skills is hot. From traditional banks and consumer retail companies to upcoming start-ups, digital skills can get you a job in a host of varied and diverse companies, roles and profiles.
In one of the top markets for Technology related Jobs, Singapore, digital marketing strategy and social media marketing are the top 2 skills that are in demand by the recruiters. Governmental as well as non-governmental agencies are looking to hire professionals with experience in the digital domain or even the freshers who possess high skills in such areas. Pricing strategy, mobile marketing and reputation management in the online space are other areas which can get you a job in Singapore.
In India, software jobs are most sought after and well-paying jobs. The Indian software job market is witnessing an upgrade of skills from basic coding to analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. However, application development, cloud services skills andidatabase management skills are still pretty much in vogue. Social media marketing jobs are on the rise along with digital advertisement, video editing and search engine optimization. Content creators in the digital space too are in demand in the Indian job market.
China is experiencing a shortage of high-end skilled workers. Companies like Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and Huawei are promised high end technical and engineering related jobs to the highly skilled workers are mostly foreign educated and return to China to get jobs. Internet/ e-commerce are on a boom in China, and hence digital skills are more in demand and lucrative now than in any time in its history. Artificial intelligence skills and data science skills like natural language processing, speech recognition, visual skills, pattern recognition and data analytics in other related subjects are one of the most sought-after skills that recruiters look for in the prospective employees.
Australia too is facing a massive shortage in employee skills. With the digital boom, the market is looking for skilled professional for high-end digital marketing roles, but the present job market in Australia is facing a skill gap. The most in-demand digital skills in Australia are analytical skills regarding big data analytics, content creation and marketing skills and digital accounting to handle payments and receivables in the digital space.
Thailand is undergoing digitalization at a fast pace, and the companies are looking at strengthening their digital capabilities. Thailand is poised to become a part of the eastern economic corridor and emerge as a smart digital hub in the region.
Plenty of opportunities for skilled professionals
We notice from the above trends that there is no dearth of opportunities in the digital arena if one is skilled enough to provide solutions. The need of the hour is up-gradation of skills to match the industry demands.     

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