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Supply chain management course

Supply chain analysts are a key part of any business hoping to reach excellence in their operations. They develop efficient logistical methods by analyzing and supervising all the processes related to the supply chain management of a company.

Be it demand, cost, transportation, or even productivity, they have their thumbs into everything. This is why supply chain analysts are very high in demand. And, it needs specific requirements or eligibility to become supply chain analysts. In fact, if studies are to be believed the positions are only going to grow in numbers in the coming year. 

Considering this, it is the perfect time to do a course in supply chain management if you are looking for potential career scopes. There are lots of institutes in India that offer comprehensive courses in this domain. And, Imarticus Learnings has a cover-all, supply chain management course that will help you to learn all the desired skills you need to ace your career. You will also get excellent exposure which will put you in a league of your own.

Now, let us take a look at what this job entails and the skills that are required for a career as a supply chain analyst

Supply Chain Analyst: Job Description, Estimated Salary, and Prospects

The job market is supposed to grow about 5%, opening about 8,400 job opportunities across the United States. On a global scale, this number increases a lot more. As a starting salary, people can expect about $45,800. With years of experience, it can grow up to about $116,600 and the average annual salary stands at about $74,400.

As we stated before, this profile of supply chain analysts is high in demand and demanding as well. There are lots of things you need to do to fit into the job description. However, there are three major things that you need to be able to do. And, these are as follows:


  • Data analysis: Your job is to look for where the inefficiencies in the chain system lie and address them proficiently. The underperforming areas can be anything including productivity issues, changes in demands, delivery issues, weather problems, and so on. You need to be capable enough to find quick solutions for these problems. A lot of experts use professional tools like relational database management systems to analyze data in a faster and smoother way.



  • Improvement suggestions: This is one of the most important aspects of the job. After recognizing and addressing the concerns, you also need to put in suggestions that will help improve the plans and the system as a whole. During monthly sales and operations meetings, you will need to offer suggestions to the executives for a smoother experience all around.



  • Collaborate with different units: You will need to interact with employees across different units to come up with a plan that works for everyone. Based on the plan, the interactions then pan out to the vendors and even customers to negotiate proper deals and address their concerns. 


Skills you Need to Ace

Here is a list of skills that enhances your eligibility to become a supply chain analyst

  • Mathematical analytics
  • Analyzing big data samples quickly
  • Inventory management
  • Making educated predictions and plans
  • IT skills
  • Interpersonal connection skills

This is a tremendous career option for people who are looking for stable careers. Check out Imarticus Learnings'  supply chain management course by IIT Roorkee to gear up for your career as a supply chain analyst.

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