Choosing the right BBA program: Tips and factors to consider

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Know about BBA

The Bachelor in Business Administration or BBA is a 3-year undergraduate program for students who have their minds set on a management career just after completing school. The BBA program revolves around the administration of business and business operations management. Students learn about entrepreneurship and management roles in the program.

The best part of BBA is that it offers the course to students from every stream. Students of Humanities, Commerce, and Science can apply for any BBA program.

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BBA promises you a great future in Management. Many universities across India provides BBA program in various modes. However, before jumping to a long-term program, you must consider the impact a BBA program will have on your job opportunities.

A good BBA program comes with great exposure to the industry before you complete your course. Selecting the right college is a tedious task just because of the number of options available offering near-similar benefits. Here are few

Tips on how to choose the right BBA program

1. Make a list

Make a list of what your desired universities have to offer. It could include specializations, fees, mode of learning, placement, faculty, and more. It will help you to narrow down to BBA programs that are best for you. Lists are critical since they help you to make informed decisions. They also save a lot of time and can be useful in cases where there are plentiful options.

2. Research

It is important to research before you jump into a BBA program. Research can help you find loopholes and eliminate the programs that are not helpful for you. It also helps to set goals and cut the additional costs you might incur without proper research.

3. Find pros and cons

Check out the pros and cons of a particular BBA program so that you can clear idea of options.

What do you need to consider in a BBA program?

You have to follow a few parameters and look for certain specific things while choosing the best BBA program for you.

1. Offered Specialization

There are multiple specializations offered in the BBA program. This includes:

Business administration

International Business

Computer application



Sports management

The specializations will depend on what you are good at and have an interest in. You can also research what curriculums cater to what you want to study and are beneficial in the future.

2. Faculty

Faculty is one of the biggest USPs of any BBA program and you must ensure that you are benefitted from it. Check the number of faculties depending on whether they are full-time or part-time. Faculties that have industry experience are a plus sign you should look out for. It helps the learners to engage with the industry even before they start their internships.

3. Curriculum

A highly text-based curriculum might not be the best choice when it comes to choosing a BBA program. Management courses are rarely about taking notes. It must include case studies, real-world projects, skill development sessions, opportunities for internships, and more.

4. Placement opportunities

Placement is the single most important criterion that should be included in your research list. Make sure that you check out the information on the partners and collaborations of the university beforehand. partnerships with companies ensure maximum placement. You might also want to check out the median salary, the number of people placed, offered positions, etc for the same.

Why choose Imarticus Learning?

Imarticus Learning brings BBA in business analytics in collaboration with Geeta University.

The curriculum curated by Imarticus Learning in association with Geeta University has been deemed as new-age and industry aligned by industry leaders. It includes topics like:

Fundamental of business analytics

Fundamentals of business intelligence

Design thinking

Critical thinking and decision making

Data visualisation

Statistical analysis using SAS &R

Marketing analysis

Financial analytics

Supply chain analytics

You will also be familiarised with tools such as Microsoft Excel, SQL, Power BI, SAS, R and more. You will also get to work on capstone projects that enable the students to link their projects to issues of community and utilise their learning experience. You will also get the skill enhancement certifications and benefits of a digitally-enabled campus.

Along with this, the BBA program offers summer internships in top companies. After the completion of the program, you will also get career support that includes placement. Career support also includes mock interview sessions, resume-building classes, and more.

Imarticus Learning has worked to get more than 56000 students placed and enable 45,000+ career transitions. That is not all. To provide the best assistance in the competitive job market for our learners, we have collaborated with more than 500 industry leaders as our partners for maximum placement opportunities.


Our alumni work at:








Goldman Sachs


Standard Chartered


Moody’s analytics

Check out more about the BBA course here.

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