Certified Scrum Product Owner: What to Know and Who Can Become?

Businesses are finding new ways to increase the productivity and quality of their services or commodities offered to the customers. The product offered by the firm/company should meet all the necessary regulations and guidelines. There must be room for development. In this article, we will see what a certified scrum product owner is and how to become one.

Basic Terminologies


Scrum is a framework on which people can collaborate among themselves and find solutions to problems. Scrum focuses on increasing the quality of services and teamwork. It is a simple platform with less complexity. Simple and basic solutions that are visible in the current scenario are taken into consideration in the scrum and then iterative work for increasing quality is done until the end goal is reached. People can complete a project more quickly and effectively using scrum. Jeff Sutherland made the first scrum project in 1993.

Product Owner

A product owner is responsible for increasing the value and quality of the product made by the scrum development team to the fullest extent. Market analysis, product designing, business strategy formation, etc. are some of the major roles of a product owner. A product owner is responsible for increasing the Return on Investment (ROI).

The Certified Scrum Product Owner

It is a certification course offered by the scrum alliance which helps us in becoming a product owner. You can find suitable courses from the scrum alliance website and then you have to attend a 16-hour course in which you will be taught about your roles and responsibilities in detail. There is an online exam after the training which is not famous for its toughness. The passing percentage for certification is 65%. If all goes well, you will acquire your CSPO certification. The license offered has a limited warranty. After the time duration expires, one has to renew his/her CSPO certification. Currently, the CSPO certification is valid for two years.

Prerequisites needed

There are no such mandatory skills or prerequisite which you will require for acquiring CSPO certification. But then again, if you know nothing about business analysis and strategies, then you can still acquire CSPO certification but in this era of competition, where will you stand? Also, anyone who is interested in taking the course can go for it irrespective of age, gender, and educational qualifications.


Both are certification courses offered specifically for product owner but there is a slight difference. CSPO is offered by the Scrum alliance whereas PSPO (Profession Scrum Product Owner) certification course is offered by scrum.org. The PSPO certification does not expire and the exam has a passing percentage of 80%. Often people confuse among these two. It is better to evaluate yourself first and be aware, and then choose the right certification for you.

Importance Of CSPO Certification In Personal Growth

The certification is a proof that you have attended the classroom session and have also cleared the exam. If you have decided to become a product leader, then this certification course will add value to your resume. The companies will see to it and you may get an edge over other candidates. This is a basic course which boosts your skills as a product owner, once you have taken it you can also take advance certification courses to grow further.


There are a plethora of online courses available on the internet. CSPO certification is one of them which can enhance your way of working as many new things are taught during this certification course. Your ideas will have more weight when a professional course is added to it. This article was all about certified scrum product owner and how to become one. I hope it helps!

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