Can an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Certification Push Your Career Forward?

artificial intelligence and machine learning courses

Can an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Certification Push Your Career Forward?


Countless professionals, office workers, job seekers, and aspirants are aware of the employment opportunities in artificial intelligence and machine learning and are prepared to provide their services to employers. AI and ML are considered valuable for entrepreneurs planning to increase their business and differentiate the services they provide.

The number of professionals with AI and ML certifications is growing in response to the increasing demand for these technologies in businesses and organizations. If you want to keep yourself updated and are interested in working in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you should consider a certification course in artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Alternatively, if you have a Bachelor's or Master's in Computer Science, Engineering, Maths, Statistics, or Science with a minimum of 50% marks and do not know what to do next, you should consider this certification. An artificial intelligence and machine learning certification can give you the edge to get the promotion or job you’ve been coveting.

What is the value of an AI and MI certification?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are great career options–many industries have now consented to using AI and ML. These technologies have applications in several sectors–IT, aerospace, healthcare, robotics, banking, and finance. The Economic Times has predicted that there will be about 3 million jobs in this sector. 

If a person is skilled and equipped with an in-depth knowledge of AI and Ml, they will find it easy to grab a good job with a handsome salary in a multinational firm or any industry mentioned above. Job seekers can also find jobs on platforms such as NAUKRI.COM, which have approximately 15000 jobs for people interested in the field.

In India, the average wage of a professional Artificial Intelligence worker is about Rs. 15,70,800. Apart from the base salary, skilled individuals can use AI and ML certification to enhance their package and position in a company. 

Features of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses

  1. The courses will teach you extensively about AI and ML technologies and their application. We'll cover topics like Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, and TensorFlow.
  2. The course provides learners with practical, hands-on learning in AI and ML labs and 12+ projects.
  3. Students get to work alongside world-renowned companies such as Uber, Netflix, Google, and Amazon.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning certification

  • Growth in demand

The demand for AI and related technologies will exponentially increase in the next few years. Businesses will switch to AI to generate better solutions and implement customized internal solutions. 

  • Almost every sector uses AI

If you master AI, you will have many career opportunities available in multiple industries. Many people want to be good at specific branches of AI, such as Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. Being adept at these offers a chance at a great career.

  • High salary 

The median salary for an AI engineer in the USA is USD 130,000. As the sector keeps growing, domestic industries too will start moving towards fairer pay scales.

  • Better chances of getting a job interview 

Obtaining an AI certification can ensure that you get an interview callback. The AI certification will stand apart on your resume and help you get noticed in the pool of applicants.

Problems you can face while getting an AI and ML certification

Mastering AI and ML technologies can be difficult. Collecting data is a big problem faced by students in their careers. For problem-solving and analytics, one will have to request data from clients. The quality of the data obtained will determine how accurate the output will be. 

A career in AI and ML

To pursue a career in AI and ML, one should be mindful of the following facts:

  • You must understand different technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Focus on the basics of AI and ML.
  • Knowing about the methods that organisations use on their platforms can be an added advantage for job seekers.


A certification course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from Imarticus Learning Private limited will help you achieve your learning objectives. You can contact Imarticus Learning Pvt. Ltd through chat support, or drive to our training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, or Ahmedabad.

Companies that hire employees with AI-certified skills will be setting themselves up for success as those skill sets continue to grow in demand. Certification isn’t just an opportunity; it’s an investment in your future and a safeguard against economic uncertainty.

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