Benefits of Being Certified as a Scrum Master For a Business Analyst

Did you know that according to the twelfth Annual State of Agile report a majority of 56 percent BAs practice Scrum at their workplace? The BA is the go-to person for creating new strategic business models, business decision support measures, cost-reduction initiatives, monitoring, reporting, planning, variance analysis, and regulatory requirements, understanding KPIs, importing data, forecasting budgeting and financial analysis and all in between business needs. The BA multitasks between the core business areas while effectively liaising and functioning to provide data analysis and business intelligence. Scrum practice is a vital skill for BAs as they function in a variety of multi-demanding areas and processes. Let us just directly jump to the many benefits the BA can expect to gain with a Scrum Master Certification.

Benefits to Business Analyst

Yes, personal benefits are always the drivers to any success, qualification and career enhancement. A comparison of salaries on Payscale shows that the average salaries for Scrum Masters are 1,232,102 with a 144,028 bonus and 75,000 profit sharing. Companies like Accenture are offering 65-1,656K Rs + bonus of 60K according to Glass door.
Your course will help you learn a range of scrum-skills while providing for the best support online system as you implement Scrum with the range of other certification benefits. If you have to stay marketable you will need to be a Scrum team player, adopt an Agile mindset, and communicate well with cross-functional teams. Your Scrum Master Certification enables your ability to prioritize, judge risks, remove obstacles and glitches in the project as you function as a true blue-blooded servant leader in the Scrum Team. It is no mean feat and the certification is definitely not another academic qualification. It alters your mindset and is your personal badge of honour validating your knowledge and implementing of Scrum practices as you stand out and ahead of other aspirants in the job market.

Benefits to the Organization

The BA with a Scrum Master Certification can influence the Agile thinking of an organization and is considered an organizational asset. In the software development lifecycle, the BA plays a crucial role giving them the understanding and specifications of the software and how it should align with the business goals. With more and more companies using various Agile methodologies based on the Scrum framework it is important that BAs have scrum skills and all scrum masters have BA skills. A dedicated SM is often used to ensure the product backlog list is constantly monitored and all internal or external hindrances are obliterated to succeed in rapid sprints and marketable product releases. Thus the efficiency and productivity is enhanced greatly. Further cross-functional teams need a SM to effectively keep the project on track because of the sheer diversity of essential team member skills.
Organizations have realized the value of scrum professionals and recruit Scrum Masters, Sr Scrum Masters, a Scrum Coach, Product Managers and Product Owners with Scrum certification. There definitely is room for growth in this field!

Benefits to the Cross-Functional Scrum Team

The SM role can be that of an effective tutor, mentor and leader especially in the present demand for cross-functional teams and Scrum Agile principles implementation across the board for all industries. Your Scrum Master Certification sensitizes you on actual unique ways to handle team issues, advice team members and tackle all conceivable situations in Scrum practice.

Concluding notes:

Looking at the above benefits enumerated for a BA who learns and gains from the Scrum-framework, it is obviously a win-win situation for the individual and the organization employing them. Since the BA is an excellent buffer between the IT and the organizational needs as a whole Agile principle can definitely be used to improve productivity through rapid sprints and releases instead of running into long projects and budget constraints for lack of iterations. Not just the organization benefits. The SM enhances the BAs resume and helps land those lucrative and career- growing opportunities too. That’s why you should invest in the Scrum Master Certification and start implementing scrum in your personal and work life.
Happy Scrum business analysis to you!

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