Artificial Intelligence skilling has to start from a young age! How? Explore…

Artificial Intelligence Career

The chasm between machines and living things is shrinking. Artificial intelligence (AI) is deeply rooted in all aspects of technology, from robots to social networks. India has the potential to skyrocket in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and surpass USA and China, largely owing to:

  • It’s deep-rooted IT &ITeS infrastructure
  • Innovation ( India ranked among the top 50 countries in the Global Innovations Index 2020)
  • Accessibility to large datasets

These have pioneered more than a handful of start-ups and private investments in this sector. For AI to flourish further, there needs to be a nationwide upskilling of the younger generation in Artificial Intelligence Training. The GenZ needs to be acquainted with the theoretical and practical aspects of AI application to increase its scope of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Artificial Intelligence CareerIn the future, the interaction between humans and AI will define in a lot of ways the structure and functioning of a modern-tech society.

Thus it becomes imperative to lay down the basis of friendship for the years to come by exposing the young ones to AI.

While a lot of minds will wander to an Artificial Intelligence Career it is also important that others are no less familiar with the upsides and downsides of such a powerful technology.

Here is how we can ensure the frontiers of the same:

  • Introduce young people to the concepts of AI and machine learning through education curriculum. In India, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced the integration of AI in partnership with IBM for the academic year 2020-21
  • Encourage learning through hands-on projects so that student can make better, informed and critical use of these technologies
  • Enrolling young minds on various Edu-tech platforms specializing in the field of Machine Learning and AI which help them gauge interest and real-life applications of such technologies using intuitive software

Some of these websites include- Scratch, App Inventor, Cognimates etc

  • Experiments with Google is an easy-access, affordable, and user-friendly tool to explore artificial intelligence training at a young age with exciting experiments on AI, VR, AR, Chrome, Voice, Android etc to apply creativity and technological dexterity at the same place. One of these fun-filled learnings includes MixLab that uses voice commands to create music
  • Engage in the practice of cultural inquiry - like what is the goal of You tube’s recommendations or how do my Amazon purchases reflect on my Instagram feed
  • Lastly, before introducing your children to the world of AI and machine learnings, self-education of the same is very crucial

Apart from exploring the possibilities of AI, these junior minds also need to know the limitations of AI to have a balanced approached. That is to say, AI is not the ultimate machine as it is created by humans and will improve along the way by errors made and rectified by humans.

Artificial Intelligence CareerIn recent studies, a scientist is experimenting to teach AI to learn like a kid. They want to inoculate the eager learning attitude and swift skills of young people into the algorithms of machines.

And, AI does not create everything. It is the innovation and vision of responsible human beings that will introduce, implement, and maintain the technological structure in human society.

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