AI Helping The E-commerce Stores To Dramatically Increase Conversions


In today’s era of continuously developing science and technology, artificial intelligence has touched almost every possible domain in our lives. It has revolutionized technology to mimic the human brain. From self-checkout cash counters at malls to advance security check systems at airports, AI has left its footprints everywhere. It has set a considerable benchmark in the field of e-commerce by providing a wide range of personalized experiences and creating new standards. According to a recent analysis, more than 80% of the human interactions in the future will be held by artificial intelligence. The key features that create a dramatic increase in conversions are listed below.


Chatbots are intelligent conversational agents that use Natural Language Processing as a base to provide the machine with the ability to understand and process human interactions. They are designed to cater to the user needs by providing product recommendations, customer support, and fulfillment of customer purchases. A large number of sales chatbots are being used to provide a personalized user experience. They interact with the customer in a simple question-answer format and provide a suggestion based on the previous purchase history or other buying trends, thereby creating an increment in the sales.

Recommendation Systems

Most of the websites dedicated to online shopping make use of recommendation systems. These systems collect data related to each customer purchase and make suggestions using artificial intelligence algorithms. The main concept used in the recommendation system is to create the sale boost either by suggesting a product based on the purchase history (personalized recommendation) or by promoting the popular products (non-personalized recommendation). They provide an appropriate product suggestions thereby optimizing the website for a boost in sales and increased conversion.

Visual Search Engines

With the help of AI, desired products can be found with just a single click. All a customer needs to do is to take an image of the desired product and provide it as an input to the search engine. The search engine recognizes the desired item based on its specifications and provides appropriate results. Providing accurate results saves the customer time and effort in going through multiple products and the relevance of the system results in increased sales.

Speech Recognition

As AI is expanding every day, it is providing great support for e-commerce by implementing user efficient techniques like voice assistants. By analyzing the sentences used by the customer for the desired product, accurate suggestions are provided thereby raising the bar of user convenience in online shopping. Thus, voice assistance has been proved as one of the most successful tools in providing a smooth, personal and more humane touch to the user experience.


The application of AI in the e-commerce sector has greatly succeeded in providing a better user experience and significant sales increment. It has directed the trend from the traditional shopping approach of visiting the shops to a more advanced yet convenient method of online shopping. It has created a platform for increased conversions with the help of technologies like speech recognition, visual search engines, recommendation systems, better user experience and much more. In simple words, it has made the process of buying and selling swift and efficient for the users.

Artificial intelligence, through its attempts of increasing conversions, is creating rapid advancements in the field of science, technology, and e-commerce. This can be considered a key reason for the recent rise in the number of individuals veering towards artificial intelligence training and opting for machine learning courses.

E-commerce firms are continuously working in the direction of improving the artificial intelligence tools to meet the modern-day market trends. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) integrated with proper marketing strategy and artificial intelligence features like personalized recommendations and sales intelligent chatbots is continuously creating wonders in the e-commerce sector.

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