AI for decision-making: Self-driving cars and the future of artificial intelligence certification

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AI for decision-making: Self-driving cars and the future of artificial intelligence certification

The development of self-driving cars needs decision-making models that can cope with urban junctions that are both dynamic and complicated. For autonomous cars to function well, it is critical to precisely identify other vehicles' paths and simultaneously consider effectiveness and security while interacting with each other.

A self-driving car relies heavily on its vision to detect impediments, read traffic signs, interpret traffic signal status and eventually make an appropriate choice based on what it observes using the principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is a crucial and powerful feature of the vehicle. Read on...

How does a self-driving car perceive information?

A self-driving car must be able to see and identify objects in its environment. This ability to sense the environment around them is a critical property for self-driving automobiles. In order to make this happen, a self-driving car consists of three types of sensors:

  • Cameras: They must have high resolution and adequately portray the surroundings. To ensure that the automobile gets visual data from all directions, cameras must work concurrently to provide a 360-degree image of the surrounding area.
  • LiDAR System: It stands for Light Detection and Ranging, a technique of measuring distances by shooting a laser and then observing the amount of time it takes for it to be reflected back by an object. A three-dimensional picture is created when an LiDAR sensor is used in conjunction with cameras. The automobile can now visualize its surrounding in three dimensions.
  • RADAR System: RADAR is an acronym for radio detection and ranging. Camera sensors are augmented with radar detectors during cases of poor visibility. When an object is detected, radio waves are used to relay back information about the object’s speed and position.

Decision-making in self-driving cars

In self-driving cars, the ability to make quick decisions is critical. In an unpredictable situation, they need a system that is both dynamic and accurate. Sensor readings are not always accurate and drivers often make erratic decisions while being behind the wheel. There is no way to directly quantify these things. 

Deep reinforcement learning (DRL) is employed by self-driving cars for decision-making. Notably, deep reinforcement learning is based on a decision-making mechanism known as Markov Decision Process (MDP). In most cases, a Markov Decision Process is utilized to make predictions about how other drivers will act in the near future.

The automobile must first make the decision to design a route. In order to reach its destination, the automobile has to design the most efficient path from where it is now present. All other options are compared to identify the best one.

After the route has been set, the car has to figure out how to go there on its own. Fixed features like highways, junctions, and typical traffic are known to the automobile, but it is unable to predict precisely what other road users will be doing. Probabilistic forecasting techniques like MDPs are used to address this unpredictability in the behaviour of other road users.

After the behavior layer settles on a path, the system responsible for managing the motion of the car takes control of the car's movement. This includes the vehicle's speed, lane-changing, and more, all of which must be tailored to the environment in which the vehicle is operating.


The goal of self-driving automobiles is to improve the safety and efficiency of road traffic. Despite the fact that it shows promise, much work remains. Learn more about self-driving cars and their working with Imarticus’ machine learning course and get your AI certification. Do not hesitate, hurry and apply now

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