AI Courses: The Future of eSports?

AI Courses

Over the last few years, eSports has gained popularity. There are various online games and leagues where players can participate and win. This industry is currently booming but it can experience more gains through the implementation of AI and machine learning. If you are interested in a career that combines AI with eSports, then you can choose an artificial intelligence certification from Imarticus Learning. 

How Can AI Influence the Future of eSports?

Artificial intelligence, in the current times, influences almost every industry. eSports or electronic sports can benefit from AI and machine learning as it is online and already relies on technology. Thus, its presence and outcomes can improve through the correct implementation of artificial intelligence. If you have an AI certification from a reputed institution, you can opt for a career in the eSports sector and use your AI and ML skills to make a difference. 

Take a look at the aspects in which artificial intelligence can affect the future of eSports. 


  • Better Sponsorship Deals


For eSports leagues to improve viewership and become more popular, an online or social media presence is necessary. With artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, you can increase the visibility of a particular eSports platform or even a game. This leads to better sponsorship. Sponsors offer deals to leagues or games that already have a following and can provide a platform for advertisements. Therefore, to receive more sponsorships, and become visible to potential investors, eSports companies can use artificial intelligence tools. 


  • Improvement in Broadcast


Broadcast is only possible if the right audience is present to watch the games. Analysis through artificial intelligence can determine which is the ideal audience. AI can analyse audience responses and predict what kind of games will gain the most views when broadcast. 


  • Advanced Training in eSports


Artificial intelligence is primarily used for accurate analysis. In eSports, AI solutions can analyse data across platforms and leagues to determine what the condition of the players are and how the audience is responding to certain games. After analysing individual players, the insights can provide important information on how a player can improve their techniques. This ensures advanced training and better outcomes. 

Where Can You Receive the Best Training in AI and Machine Learning?

A degree in artificial intelligence and machine learning can open many doors in multiple industries. To receive holistic education in AI and ML, you can opt for Imarticus Learning's Certification in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. For this course, we have collaborated with the E&ICT Academy and IIT Guwahati, to provide you with the best hands-on training on AI and machine learning. Our course curriculum has been created by industry experts and renowned academicians who have been in the field for a long time. Therefore, you will get to learn about current business conditions and industry needs. The IIT AI ML course will include more than a hundred assignments and twenty-five industry projects. This course is ideal for students who have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Economics, Statistics, or Computer Science. If you have scored at least 50% in your graduation, you can apply for the AI ML course. At Imarticus Learning, we provide the best training and hands-on experience through this online course. 

The certification in artificial intelligence & machine learning will help you learn about the implementation of AI on various industry processes and organisations, including eSports. You will learn through live lectures where our academicians will interact and encourage you to participate in learning sessions. This course is, therefore, ideal for networking and landing a rewarding job. 

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