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Did you know that, on average, corporate employees forget 70% of the information gained during training on the first day itself? Yes, studies conducted by AppLearn also showed that employees cannot memorise 90% of what they learned within the first week.

On the other hand, few other studies state that organisations that use gamification employee training tend to be seven times more profitable than the ones that do not incorporate game-based training solutions at work. What's more, is that 90% of employees agreed gamification training makes them more productive at work.

If you are wondering why your employee development training is not as effective as you expected, here's the problem- your company doesn't have game-based training solutions. In case these statistics are not enough to convince you of this fact, here are 5 reasons why a gamification training program is the best solution.

Enhances employee engagement

Perhaps, one of the biggest challenges you are facing today is keeping them hooked on learning exercises. Studies show that our attention span has significantly decreased in the past few years. On top of that, there are several distractions surrounding your employee.

If game-based training is introduced under these circumstances, they can completely immerse themselves in the situation and experience the challenge rather than just reading about it. There are characters, objects, dialogues and several levels of interactions.

Since they feel involved in the process, the chances of retaining information are high. A study by UC-Denver Business School concluded that people who played learning games showed a 9% more retention rate than the ones who didn't.

Games work

The same study by UC-Denver Business School also reported that people who used game-based training solutions showed 11% higher factual knowledge and 14% higher skill-based knowledge. Their self-efficacy (the belief that one can achieve their goals) rate was 20% higher than others.

Now, imagine- employees who used gamification training programs showed a better understanding of skills and knowledge and had more faith in their abilities. In addition to all these advantages, these solutions also provide instant feedback on their improvements.

Encourages risk-taking

Often, employees tend to not take any risks even when they know it will only contribute to their growth. They are scared of the consequences of their actions. But, in a game setting, they have the liberty to make mistakes. They go through the same stressors that come with on-the-job challenges.

However, here they feel safe to make errors. Even if they make the wrong move, game-based learning gives them the chance to adjust their tactics and improve their performance. They also get to see the way their decisions will impact others.

Highly personalised

Because every individual has a different learning style, these solutions incorporate a variety of learning elements that can cater to all types of audiences. Gamification training programs can be tailored to fit your needs. When your employees are given the choice to choose their way of learning, they tend to feel more invested in it.

Improves peer interaction

There are several game-based scenarios where you will have to rely on teamwork and your collective knowledge and skills to succeed in a challenge. Your employees can also engage in healthy competition with each other which is also vital in learning. These activities will help in improving collaboration between employees.

Storytelling, challenges, dialogues, and emotional elements- all these components in game-based training add a human touch to learning. Apart from providing an immersive experience, they motivate the employee to do better by offering immediate feedback. At Imarticus Learning, we have several programs that promote game-based learning. Visit our website to learn more!

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