4 Industries Where Artificial Intelligence is Making a Huge Impact

Artificial Intelligence has been the next best thing to revolutionize the world we live in. Once a distant dream, AI is now a reality owing to higher and far more powerful processing powers and advances in the field of machine learning. The applications of AI are bountiful and range over many areas. Here are some of the areas where AI is working wonders.


AI surpasses human capabilities when it comes to processing massive amounts of data efficiently and accurately in a matter of seconds or minutes. This can become indispensable for the medical sector. There are AI-powered apps such as Ada and Babylon where users can enter their symptoms, and the apps use data analytics to offer the users a medical consultation. AI can also generate customized treatment paths for patients depending on their medical histories, genetics, and symptoms. Since AI is based on machine learning algorithms, the more data you feed, the more accurate the results will be. In a field where the question is often about saving someone’s life, using systems that are quick, efficient and free of human error will go a long way.


Another critical area where AI is increasingly deployed is security. The amount of data being stored in the cloud has given rise to some severe cyber security concerns. AI, through a combination of data analytics and machine learning, can offer protection from hackers by automating the intricate process of detecting and preventing breaches. This can be done with the speed and accuracy that lie beyond human ability. Since it uses machine learning that mimics humans’ experiential learning, AI-powered security systems are getting progressively sophisticated and powerful as they analyze more data. This also makes it more difficult for hackers to steal or corrupt data. However, technology has its limitations, and it is possible for AI to lose against a hacker so a combination of humans and AI can proficiently combat the increasing security threats.


Another field where AI has an increasing influence is in the area of education. One of the primary uses of AI is in grading – a very time-consuming job that often might have errors. Deploying AI-powered machines for grading objective questions like multiple choice questions can save a lot of time. This can also be used across a wide range of students from school to graduate students. AI can also be used to analyze large amounts of data and develop personalized lessons for students based on previous learning patterns. Each of us learn at different paces and need different techniques and AI can do precisely that. It can also focus on places and subjects we lack in and thus revolutionize education as a whole. AI cannot replace teachers as a whole but can help them better the experience for students.

Human Resource

One of the most fundamental jobs of HR is that of recruitment. An HR department might have to go through loads and loads of applications which can be very time-consuming and stressful. Additionally, as psychology has time and again points out, humans are often subject to biases. AI can swiftly find the best candidates for a position based on processing all the data on the candidates’ CVs. AI is also devoid of the human element of bias. AI can also find possible risk areas of performance through data analytics of the employees. Moreover, it also can use available data and machine learning to offer decisions that would be best suited for the company.

AI has the potential to empower us and be a game-changer just like wheels and electricity were all those years ago. It’s just a matter of how we use it.

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