10 Interesting Facts About Artificial Intelligence!

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Artificial Intelligence has received a lot of focus and attention in the last couple of years. There has been a boom in the innovations that have artificial intelligence at its base. Obviously, the internet has played a crucial role in the development of artificial intelligence-enabled services.

Machine learning essentially an artificial intelligence technique, has been stirring new developments by creating new algorithms that mimic or support human behavior or decision-making capabilities, which are already in use, like Apple’s Siri, or the email servers which eliminate junk or spam emails. You can also see the use of machine learning in e-commerce websites that use it to personalize the search or use of the web experience of their customers.

It is interesting to comprehend the capabilities of machines. Very soon machines will have the capability to perform advanced cognitive functions, processing language, human emotions, the machines will be proficient in learning, planning, or performing a task as intelligent systems.

There is also a definite possibility that the tasks performed will be or can be more accurate than humans, thus artificial intelligence can boost productivity and accuracy, and impact economic growth. Imagine the impact it can have on medical procedures, the continued support it could lend to the disabled, increasing their life expectancy.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that can improve the world for the better, however, it also comes along with some challenges such as machine accountability, security, displacement of human workers, etc.

But right now before the possible alarming impact of artificial intelligence, we could in the today, the now, enjoy learning about some interesting facts.


Interesting Facts About Artificial Intelligence

  1. It is interesting to note that research on artificial intelligence is not only a few years ago, but the inception of AI also goes back to the 1950s. Alan Turning is coined as the father of AI, back in the day he invested a test based on natural language conversation with a machine.
  2. Did you know that a lot of video games that engage humans over time are based on a technique of artificial intelligence and is called Expert System? This technique is knowledge-based and can imitate areas of intelligent behavior, with a goal to mimic the human ability of senses, perception, and reasoning.
  3. Autonomous vehicles are no longer a thing of the far future. The knight rider might actually become a reality in as close as the next 2-3years or less. These cars are based on artificial intelligence to recognize the driving conditions and adapt the behavior. These cars are in the test phase, already developed and almost ready to hit the road.
  4. There is a race that is warming up between social media corporations over perfecting the use of artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience. Facebook and Twitter are two companies essentially applying AI to match relevant content to the people. Leading this race is Google, coming across as one of the most preferred and reliable search engines.
  5. IBM has created a supercomputer based on AI, called Watson. One of the major challenges of creating Watson was the programming that needed to be done so that it could understand questions in most of the common languages and the ability to attend to those questions in real-time. The development is such that currently Watson is not only applied in various industries but was recently successful in teaching people how to cook.
  6. Sony created a robotic dog called Aibo, one of its first toys that could be bought and played with. It could express emotions and could also recognize its owner. This was the first of its kind, however, today you will find more expensive and evolved versions of the same.
  7. At the rate at which Artificial Intelligence is being adopted in various areas of our lives, it is predicted that it will replace 16% of our jobs over the next decade.
  1. Artificial Intelligence Training CoursesIt is a fact that with increased intelligence and ability to perform tasks with accuracy, over the next few years it is predicted that close to three million workers will be reporting to or will be supervised by “Robot-bosses”.

    With Machine learning and language recognition, it is no surprise that 85% of telephonic customer service jobs will be performed by computers and will not need human interaction.  By the dawn of 2020, it will be possible for all customer digital assistant to recognize people by face and voice.

Organizations and private sectors have recognized the opportunity that AI investments can have on the future of their businesses. Hence have set up major investments in the development of the same.

Finally, one must remember the anticipated impact of AI is on calculated assumptions and predictions.
However, one thing is clear, that AI in the future will impact the internet, its citizens, and economies.

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