10 best skills required to become a Java Developer!

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Skills required to become Java Developer?

While there are must-know technologies for Java Developer, the technology of choice may differ from developer to developer. According to a survey that was recently conducted by Java Tutorial Network, the most wanted technology/framework among Java developers this year is Java 9, followed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Blockchain takes third place, after which comes Microservices. Spring Framework also seems to be highly favored among developers.

As you can see, not all of these are Java frameworks and technologies. You can see some front-end frameworks along with trending technologies that have emerged in the IT sector. These are some frameworks and technologies that Java developers seem to hold in high regard as it provides them with the ability to provide better solutions on a larger scale.

At the same time, Java developers are required to have extensive knowledge of the basics at all costs. This would include programming using Java and working on Unix OS. Additionally, you would also be required to familiarize yourself with essentials such as the RDBMS program, JEE architecture, framework, etc. To learn more join this course.

What are various Technologies used in learning Java?

You can’t possibly know all the Java technologies out there because no company will give you a chance to. One company will swear by the Spring framework while other companies like LinkedIn have moved on and are into the PlayFramework.

However, let me give you a list of 10 technologies that will always pitch you ahead of your competition regardless of the company.

10 Skills that will make you a great Java Developer:

  1. At least one MVC framework like JSF, Playframework, Struts, or Spring framework
  2. Hibernate or JPA for databases
  3. Dependency Injection (@Resource)
  4. SOAP-based Web Services (JAX-WS)
  5. Some build tools (AntMaven, etc.)
  6. JUnit (or other Unit Testing framework)
  7. Version Control mostly Git. Get comfortable writing Java code using the latest API changes. If you are already good at Java, it is suggested to learn the latest packages/API changes. You may come to know that an older version of 10 lines of code can be simplified by just 1 or 2 lines using the latest classes/methods.
  8. JSTL
  9. The application server/container configuration management and application deployment (whether it is WebSphereTomcatJBoss, etc. you need to know where your application runs and how to improve its execution)
  10. AJAX

If one wants to be a web developer, one should know

  • JSP
  • Markup Languages like HTML, XML and JSON.
  • Servlets
  • JNDI
  • MVC
  • Frameworks like Struts / Spring
  • Services
  • Web Technologies like CSS, Javascript, and JQuery

If one wants to be a UI developer, one should know

  • Applets
  • Frameworks like Swing, SWT, AWT

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