What Can You Do with Your FMVC Certificate?

The great thing about short programs in Financial Services at Imarticus Learning is that you learn skills that can be 'applied' rather than just theory, or even cases that are general in nature. We offer one of the leading professional courses in Financial Modeling in Mumbai, which allows you to pursue multiple career opportunities.

Learning Financial Modeling and Valuation is extremely important when you are pursuing a career in both Financial Services and Corporate Finance. The ability to forecast financial statements and build a robust model that is dynamic and clearly reflects underlying assumptions is imperative. The more robust your model, the more accurate your analysis and therefore your company or asset valuations.

Financial Modelling and Valuation is a skill useful across careers like

  • Investment Banking- A good investment banker is at heart a good modeler and someone who is able to fundamentally value a company.
  • Both valuation and forecasting is both a science and an art, therefore you not only need a strong grasp of the fundamentals but an intuitive understanding of their limitations to be able to model and value effectively.
  • Investment Bankers create Financial Models to help make Pitch Documents, Information Memorandums and create scenarios that will help them fine tune valuations. They need to forecast cash flows to be able to do a DCF as well as future Profitability numbers which they can apply multiples to.
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital- As investors, Private Equity professionals need to be able to create financial models of prospective companies they want to invest in to be able to both value as well us understand future cashflows which will determine valuation at exit. Private Equity professionals also have to learn how to create specialized investment specific financial models like Leveraged Buy Out models which will also incorporate the debt into future cashflows to arrive at optimum valuation once you build in exit multiples etc.
  • CEO’s- Financial models are prepared by CEO’s and controllers for both budgeting and funding purposes. Models help finance teams understand cashflow requirements which help them manage their treasury better. Financial Models are also critical to valuing mergers through building in synergy. We call this merger models. Merger models will involve combining the future cashflows of two companies to understand synergy potential that arises out of various economies of scale. This synergy calculation will help in valuation and calculation of control premium
  • Equity Research- Financial Modeling and Valuation is a critical element in the Equity Research toolkit. Equity Research analysts do fundamental analysis to help recommend a ‘buy’ ‘sell’ or hold on a stock. They do this by understanding the industry fundamentals, doing porter’s analysis, and applying these dynamics to a Financial Model which will help them value the company down to the price of a share at any point in time. Their expertise in an industry helps them fine-tune the model.

Financial Modelling and Valuation is also critical to project finance, corporate banking and essentially any role in Corporate Finance which makes FMVC the most career orientated financial modeling course in Mumbai and the most seful certification to help you enhance your resume and kick start your career.

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