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Would you like to become one of the greatest entrepreneurs or executives of the future? To achieve this goal, you first need to acquire all the knowledge and skills in leadership and management to be ready for the real world. Fortunately, this is something that you can learn from the experts.

Nowadays, with the financial problems of our society and the fast technological advancement, it is necessary to prepare young people for the different challenges of the future and teach them to make the right decisions.

At Imarticus, with this BBA Program, we are committed to giving you the tools you need to be a qualified professional. If you are interested, read on to discover what we offer in this BBA.

 Why Choose Bachelors in Business Administration?

In a BBA in finance, you develop skills that will enable you to make strategic, tactical, and operational decisions in a company. You will be able to study how companies optimize their capacities and resources to achieve their objectives. It is a discipline closely linked to economic and financial sciences, but also to accounting and marketing.

bBa online coursesWith the knowledge that you obtain in this bachelor in business administration, you will be able to plan, organize, direct and control a sector or an entire company, based on the use of both human and financial resources.

You will be able to set corporate objectives, assign functions and activities, ensure that all workers fulfill their tasks, and verify that everything planned is being carried out in the right way and, if this is not the case, you will know how to deal with these problems.

In addition, nowadays, the BBA degree is widely demanded in the world due to the wide range of knowledge and abilities that are developed throughout the curriculum. Once you have finished the 3 years of the BBA, you won’t have any problem finding a job opportunity.

BBA Courses

At Imarticus, the BBA is a three-year program where you will learn to work in all areas of a company, specializing in human resources, accounting, operations, marketing, finance, treasury, and budgeting. The BBA courses are organized in such a way that you can complement your knowledge through the different subjects. You will start with Business Management, Principles of Accounting to more advanced courses such as Operations Management, Strategic Management, Fintech, and BFSI.

BBA online courseIf you are interested in learning more about our courses, please visit our website and download the brochure we have available for you.

Why Choose Imarticus for BBA?

At Imarticus we offer you the great advantage of having access to a collaboration with the JAIN online program. This adds great value to your learning as you will have courses with some of the best professors in the world. The interesting thing about this program is that it is strongly oriented towards the cutting-edge technologies used in today's businesses. You will acquire competencies and skills in topics such as blockchain, API, AI, machine learning, cloud computing, IoT, big data, and more.

In addition to this, by studying with us, you will have access to our industrial partners such as PWC, Rise Mumbai, BTA, and many more. You can also visit our website for any questions you may have about the program.


At Imarticus, you will acquire all the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of finance and management in the 3 years of the BBA. You will have a competitive profile by studying under the standards of the best universities. Don't hesitate any longer and contact us to find out more about the enrolment process.

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