Genpact Data Science Prodegree Online Program- Learn R, Hadoop and Python

Why Data Science Prodegree?

The Data Science Prodegree, in association with Genpact as the Knowledge Partner, is a 200-hour program covering foundational concepts and hands-on learning of leading analytical tools, such as SAS, R, Python, Hive, Spark and Tableau through industry case studies and project work. Over the course of the 4 semesters, candidates will not only gain theoretical knowledge of data science tools, but also gain exposure to business perspectives and industry best practices through guest lectures and 6 project submissions.


Genpact Endorsed

Cutting-edge program designed and delivered in collaboration with Genpact, a leader in Analytics solutions

SAS Course & Training Online: Imarticus

Leading Tools

Learn Data Science using SAS, R, Python, Hive, Spark and Tableau, through industry projects and case studies

Certification in SAS Programming: Imarticus

Guest Lectures + Mentorship

Guest lectures and mentorship by Genpact leadership on industry best practices

SAS certification


Get hands-on with 6 industry projects and build a portfolio of demonstrable work


Program Delivery

Delivered by Imarticus in two delivery modes: Classroom or online training

About Genpact

Genpact is a global leader in digitally-powered business process management and services and works with over 1/5th of the Fortune Global 500 companies across technology and analytics with revenues of $2.46 billion and 70,000 employees spread across 25 countries.

Endorsed by Genpact

The program is co-created with Genpact as the ‘Knowledge Partner’, and comes with a cutting edge industry-aligned curriculum, and is delivered in two modes: Classroom and Online training, using a practical hands-on learning methodology.

The Data Science Prodegree is a 200-hour program that delivers a deep understanding of Data Analysis and Statistics, along with business perspectives and cutting-edge practices using SAS, R, Python, Hive, Spark and Tableau.

Comprehensive Coverage
Project-based Learning

A key differentiator of our Prodegree is the heavy focus on project work to gain practical understanding of key analytical concepts and tools. You will spend approximately 80 hours of this program getting hands-on with 6 industry projects and build a portfolio of demonstrable work.

The Prodegree is delivered in two modes: Classroom and Online (Live Virtual Classes) to cater to your learning preferences while ensuring maximum learning efficacy. Both modes come with 60+ Hours of HD Instructor Videos to watch as per your convenience.

Program Delivery
Career Readiness

The Imarticus Careers Assistance Services (CAS) team provides a rigorous industry mentorship process that is customized to your needs. We prepare you to be job-ready with interview preparation, resume building workshops and 1-1 mock interviews with industry experts.

The Data Science Prodegree is delivered using an innovative learning methodology that blends instructor-led live virtual classes with self-paced videos that you can consume at your own pace. There are three critical components of this prodegree: self paced videos, virtual classes and project work.


Self Paced Videos

Weekdays or weekends as per your
convenience Active, self-paced,
data-driven learning
68 Hours
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Instructor-Led Live Classes

8 hours on weekends at prescribed time
Interaction and query resolution with instructor and batch mates in real time – either in a classroom or virtually
132 Hours
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Project Work

Project submission at the end of each semester.
Work on your own or in groups
to complete assigned projects
80 Hours
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View Sample Study Plan

Semester 1: Base SAS [48 Hours]
Base SAS [24 Hours]
Understanding Data [8 Hours]
SAS – Store Data Analytics [8 Hours]
Project 1 Submission [8 Hours]
Semester 2A: R Programming [53 Hours]
R Basics [32 Hours]
Business Case: Managing Credit Risk [1 Hour]
Linear Regression [4 Hours]
Case Study on Loss Given Default using Linear Regression using R [4 Hours]
Logistic Regression [4 hours]
Case Study on Default Modelling using Logistic Regression using R [8 Hours]
Semester 2B: R Programming [25 Hours]
Support Vector Machines (SVM) [4 Hours]
Case Study on Default Modelling using SVM using R [6 hours]
Business Case: Intrusion in IT Network [1 Hour]
Decision Tree & Ensemble Learning [8 Hours]
Case Study on Network Intrusion Detection using Decision Trees & Ensemble Learning using R [6 Hours]
Project 2 and 3 Submission [2 Hours]
Semester – 3: Python [28 Hours]
Data Structures in Python Used for Data Analysis [8 Hours]
Case Study on Default Modelling using Logistic Regression using Python [8 Hours]
Case Study on Default Modelling using SVM using Python [4 Hours]
Case Study on Network Intrusion Detection using Decision Trees & Ensemble Learning using Python [6 Hours]
Project 2 and 3 Submission [2 Hours]
Semester 4A : Hive & Spark [28 Hours]
HIVE Basics [5 Hours]
Business Case: Pricing Analytics [1 Hour]
Case Study on Pricing Analytics using HIVE [8 Hours]
SPARK Basics [5 Hours]
Business Case: Understanding Customer Life Cycle [1 Hour]
Case Study on Telecom Customer Churn using Spark [8 Hours]
Semester 4B: Tableau and Interview Prep [18 Hours]
Tableau Basics [8 Hours]
Interview and Resume Preparation [4 Hours]
Mock Interviews – HR and Domain [4 Hours]
Project 4, 5 and 6 Submission [2 Hours]

The Data Science Prodegree is delivered in two modes: Classroom and Online delivery modes to cater to your learning preferences while ensuring maximum learning efficacy. Both modes come with 60+ Hours of HD Instructor Videos to watch as per your convenience.

MODE 1: Classroom Lectures


(132 Hours)

Classroom training by expert faculty with industry credentials

Available at our Imarticus centers in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon Hyderabad and Pune.

View Classroom Session


(68 Hours)

Active, self-paced Instructor Videos to watch as per your convenience

View Video

MODE 2: Live Virtual Classes

(132 Hours)

Live Instructor-led Virtual Classes with expert faculty for real-time learning

View Virtual Class


(68 Hours)

Active, self-paced Instructor Videos to watch as per your convenience

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The Data Science Prodegree is ideal for students and professionals who are interested in working in the analytics industry and are keen on enhancing their technical skills with exposure to cutting-edge practices:

This course is ideal for:


Recent Post Graduates

Bachelors or Masters in Science, Math, Statistics or Computer Applications/IT


Experienced Professionals in Programming or IT

With less than 4 years experience, looking to up-skill or change career paths


Individuals looking for Global Certifications

To enhance their resumes & build a portfolio of demonstrable work

To enroll for the Genpact Data Science Prodegree, please click below:

Enter the exciting world of Analytics. Call 1800-267-7679


This interactive demo of the virtual class gives you an insight on what to expect during our online web sessions


Genpact talks about the importance of learning Data Science in the 21st century and the role of a Data Scientist


This video explains the importance of Data Science and why Imarticus partnered with Genpact to deliver it


Genpact speaks on the Data Science Prodegree and why they chose to partner with Imarticus Learning

Learn why more and more companies are adopting SAS as a tool for Data Analytics to gain a competitive advantage.

Explore the growing demand for analytics in Marketing and the converging trends that make it possible.

Data Science – Learn more about the ‘Sexiest Job of the 21st Century’ and the employment opportunities it presents.

Read about the Change Management (Analytics), and various case studies on new recruiting methodologies. Also, includes a introduction to our newly formed Analytics Advisory Council.

Why the Prodegree?



Postgraduate Equivalent

The Prodegree is a more relevant, focused and faster route to developing role specific skills that elevate your resume and help you build a lucrative career in Analytics in light of its industry partnerships.


Industry focused education

The Imarticus Prodegrees are designed in partnership with a leading corporate brand. Curriculum design, lectures, mentorship, project reviews and recruitment are done in collaboration with the company providing the candidate with unique insight and competitive edge.


3x Online Engagement

Our state of the art learning platform comprises live webinars, guest lectures, and comprehensive industry mentorship which ensures seamless learning leading to an industry completion rate of 75% compared to an industry average of 20%.

The Analytics Virtual Lab

Real world experience means that one gets to work on real machinery in a real production environment. Quite often the experience of working in a real environment is far different from that of a simulated one. Obviously, the real environment is valued more by the Big Data world as opposed to the simulated one. To make that possible, we have come up with cloud based learning in a virtual lab setup which comes pre-installed with the necessary technology stack, including Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Kafka, Python, R and other related technologies.
Practicing will not require long, arduous installations anymore. Just enroll for the program and start learning any of the many analytical or big data tools available to you anytime, anywhere on the cloud.
  • Connect from anywhere, anytime

  • Agnostic of machine configuration

  • Real world production experience

  • No installation or compatibility issues

  • Centralized datasets


Careers Assistance

Imarticus provides 100% assistance throughout the program to guide and help navigate ample career options.



Refining and polishing the candidate’s resume with insider tips to help them land their dream job



Preparing candidates to ace HR and Technical interview rounds with model interview Q&A



We assist you with leads and references of Analytics opportunities available in this space from various public and private networks.



Industry experts from leading companies advise and mentor students in their journey towards job-readiness. A dedicated mentor will be assigned to every student. Senior level industry professional, with 10+ years of experience in Analytics Firms.


Q&As and Guest Lectures

A more thorough understanding of the subject matter


Evaluation of Project Work

1:1 attention and evaluation of project work with detailed feedback


Career Guidance

Doubt clearing about the industry and career opportunities


  • arun

    Arun Upadhyay

    Arun has over 14 years experience in Information Technology and has conducted SAS training for Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Genpact, ICICI Bank, Reliance Mutual Fund among others. Arun is a certified, accredited IT professional who has successfully trained more than 10,000 students in different technologies like SAS and R. He has previously worked as a trainer for companies such as Aptech, NIIT, Ultramax Infonet Education Pvt. Ltd., and Vistaar Systems Pvt. Ltd. He has cleared many international Microsoft certifications such as MCAD, MCPD, MCTS etc. and is also a Microsoft-certified trainer.


    Mohan Rai

    Mohan has 10 years of experience in Core Analytics (Sales & IT). His key expertise lies in Banking, Construction, Real Estate, Automobile, Component Manufacturing and Retail domains. He has expensive exposure to multiple verticals and roles such as Training, Research, Sales, Market Research, Business Consulting, Sales Planning, Market Strategy and IT. Mohan is a Director for S & R Analytics involved in Delivery of Analytics Consulting/Training and SIP Partners of TCS. He is also a visiting Faculty for Analytics at various colleges and institutes. Mohan holds degrees in Business Analytics and Intelligence from IIM-Bangalore, MBA in Marketing and BSC in Statistics.


    Yogesh Parte

    Yogesh is a research engineer with over 14 years of experience in algorithmic development and proof of concept (PoC) demonstration using MATLAB, C/C++, Python and R. He is the Founder of Y P Consulting Services, which provides specialized services and software solutions in the field of innovation engineering and technology applications. Previously, he has worked as post-doctoral researcher at University of Paul Sabatier and a research & development engineer at Modartt S. A. in Toulouse, France. Yogesh holds a PhD. in Applied Mathematics from University of Paul Sabatier, France and has won over 30 awards for academic excellence.
  • arun


    Ratheen has worked in various fields in the Analytics domain for the last five years and has handled Consumer Electronics and Manufacturing projects. In his current role as a Trainer, he conducts trainings on various analytical tools like SAS, R and Python. Ratheen has completed his B Tech from IIT Kanpur and his MBA from Queen’s University. He has two SAS certifications, SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst Using SAS 9: Regression and Modeling Credential and SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 Credential.


    Satya Srinivas

    Satya has 25 years of experience aligning multi-million dollar Information Technology deployments with business strategy and operational processes for Fortune 1000 companies. In the past he has been a management consultant and a negotiator and has consulted in the areas of performance management in enterprise architecture, data mining & analytics, machine learning, pattern recognition, social media analytics and Big Data management & analytics for several start-ups as well as major corporate houses like Infosys and IBM. Satya is a BE – Electronics and Communication from University of Mysore and a MS – Computer Engineering from Florida Atlantic University.



    Sandeep has over 18 years of experience in IT and extensive hands-on expertise in application development involving analysis, design, development and maintenance with 10+ experience in data mining and business intelligence in RDBMS. He has worked across multiple business domains such as Manufacturing, Retail, Banking and Insurance and has experience with large-scale, distributed systems design and development with strong understanding of Big Data and Hadoop.


  • Sidhartha ShishooVP and People Function leader, Analytics and Research, Genpact
    “Big data and analytics are altering the business landscape in which we operate. In attempting to meet the subsequent talent challenges, the Prodegree is a notable step towards building specialized skillsets and helping professionals gear up for the future”


Speak to a Career Advisor

Best Time To Reach
Morning Noon Evening


What is the format of the program?
 The Genpact Data Science Prodegree is delivered in two modes: Classroom and Online learning modes to cater to your learning preferences while ensuring maximum learning efficacy.

  • Classroom batches: Classroom training by expert faculty at our Imarticus centers in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Pune.
  • Online batches: Live Instructor-led Virtual Classes (Webinars) with expert faculty for real-time learning and interaction with batch mates

Class times for both formats are fixed and you are required to be available for your classes at a predefined time each week. Both formats come with 68 hours of engaging Instructor videos that you can watch as per your convenience before attending your lecture (be it in class or virtually).

Is an online training program right for me?
Virtual learning is recommended for candidates if:

  • You are comfortable with self-study
  • You want to learn at your own pace, anywhere and anytime
  • You do not require constant monitoring or follow-ups by instructors

What are the key topics that get covered in the degree?

  • Basic understanding of Business Analytics and Statistics
  • Base SAS, R, Python, Hive, Spark, Tableau
  • Hands-on Projects: Store Data Analytics, Credit Risk Analytics, Network Intrusion Detection Analytics and more

What study material will be provided to us for the program?
The core learning will happen via 132 hours of Instructor-led Classes at designated times on weekends. You will receive additional study material including:

  • 68 Hours of Self-paced HD videos
  • Recordings of previous Virtual Classes
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Additional Reading Material / eBooks
  • Case Studies
  • Projects & Datasets

You will be given life-long access to a fully integrated online learning portal where all your learning material will be uploaded. You will need to log in to the learning portal using the credentials provided and navigate through the portal as required.

Can you give us some more details on the project work?

A key differentiator of our Prodegree is the heavy focus on project work to gain practical understanding of key analytical concepts and tools. You will spend approximately 100 hours of this program getting hands-on with industry projects and build a portfolio of demonstrable work. Projects include:

  • Store Data Analytics
  • Credit Risk Analytics
  • Pricing Analytics in Bullion/Commodities
  • Network Intrusion Detection Analytics
  • Visualizing Vanilla, Analytical, Un/Structured Data
  • Telecom Churn Analysis

You will work in groups to complete the projects during the week. We estimate you will need to spend around 15 Hours per project. There will be a mandatory submission of project work at the end of each semester. Your project will be evaluated by your Instructors as well as representatives from Genpact.

What are Webinars?

Webinars are live virtual classroom sessions that involve you, other students and your Instructor. During these real-time webinars, the Instructor will show you how to work with various systems and write code, review concepts, share insights with the aid of case studies and help with your project work. There will be real-time participation on the part of students who can also use this time to get their doubts clarified.
How often do I need to visit the Imarticus center?

  • Classroom batch: You will need to visit the center every weekend at a prescribed timings if you have enrolled for the classroom batch.
  • Online batch: If you have signed up for the online program, you are not required to visit the Imarticus center at any point in time –The lectures and our interaction with you will be conducted virtually.

What certification will I receive on completion?
You will receive the industry endorsed Data Science Prodegree certification, which will be co-branded with Genpact.
What if I miss a class?
The course features 132 hours of live Instructor-led classes and another 68 hours of self-paced videos. You can view the videos, solve quizzes and work on your projects at any time that is convenient to you. The live Instructor led classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays at a prescribed time, where the entire batch interacts with the Instructor at the same time.

  • Online batches: If you are not available for a virtual classes on weekends, the virtual classes are also recorded and uploaded on the LMS. You may refer to these recordings to ensure you don’t miss out on your learning.
  • Classroom batches: We urge you to plan your time for the course duration as we will not be able to repeat classroom sessions again. We have kept periodic refresher sessions throughout the program; so if you have missed a session, you can get your doubts clarified with the instructor during these refresher sessions.

What are the fees for the program?

The program fee for the Genpact Data Science Prodegree is as follows:

  • Classroom Batch: Rs 70,000/- plus taxes
  • Online Batch: Rs 55,000/- plus taxes

You can pay by Credit card, Debit Card or Net banking from all leading banks. In the event you are unable to pay, please contact 18001037480 for further assistance.

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