Why You Should Start Thinking About Your Career Change?

June 10, 2019
Career Transition


Have you been stuck in the same position in your career for too long now? Does the thought of going in to work make you feel uncomfortable and listless? Are you unhappy with your pay scale and do not see many other options within your field? If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, then it might be time for you to think about a job change. 

Deciding to change your career can be a daunting task. The uncertainty of the future coupled with the fear of leaving something that you might have spent years training for can be huge roadblocks for the shift. However, if you make your career change in a smart manner, there are many benefits you can reap in the long term. The average person makes about 5 to 7 career changes in their lifetime, making you part of the majority to consider the same. Here are some of the best reasons to make your career transition.

Career Transition

New Challenges

A few years ago, if you had asked anyone for career advice, particularly from your elders, they would have told you to go for the job that pays the most. For a long time, a job was considered to be purely a means to an end with the end being the ability to pay your bills. However, with ever diversifying jobs, you can find a career that suits your abilities and interests while also being able to monetize the same. A new job or career will challenge you professionally which will lead to more satisfaction.

Changed Values

Maybe over the course of working in a particular job, you have come to realize that your priorities and values have changed along with your professional journey. A prolific senior advertisement executive decided that she had had enough of pedaling capitalist goods to consumers and instead chose to write books for the young and new India. While your transition need not have to be as drastic as that, you can definitely make a change to a career that suits your values better.

Room For Other Things

As you continue to grow personally, your life will see many changes taking place. Unfortunately, our jobs do not keep pace with our changing situation and you might be in a position where you feel like your personal life is being stifled by your job. A 20-something kid straight out of college might not think twice about putting in the long hours as a corporate lawyer, but you might feel the strain in your mid-30s. With a family and aging parents, you might find that you need a job that required flexible hours and more work-from-home options. This is a great reason for a job change.

Passion Over The Familiar

All of us grow up wanting to be something or the other. Unfortunately, many of us choose to take the route that will provide stability rather than the one that will fulfill our passion. On the other end of the spectrum, as we grow in our fields, we might find that our passion, in fact, lies elsewhere. With changing technology and the amount of information available, you can easily map out your career transition into something you feel passionately about. Always wanted to be a journalist? You can set up your own blog and start an internship at one of the many web-based news outlets. You are no longer confined to the tried and tested, or the in-person testimonial of someone you know. The range and depth of information available will allow you to make a decision that is informed and practical.

Happiness Is The End Game

Many of the previous generations will raise an eyebrow quizzically if you state that your job is not making you happy. Of them, some might even tell you that your job isn’t there to make you happy. As the world changes and new paradigms come into play, we are now in a world where personal happiness is key to a satisfactory life. Since we spend the majority of our time at our jobs, it isn’t a farfetched idea that our jobs should also make us happy. Note that we aren’t saying that you should find a relaxed job where you will not have to work hard. But if the end result of all your hard work isn’t something that you care for, then you might have to consider a job change.

Choosing a career transition can be intimidating but the rewards of taking the leap can be limitless. From improving your personal life to putting your mental and physical health as the first priorities, a career change can be the difference between the rat race and a fulfilled life.

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