What Are The Eligibility Criteria for Agile Scrum Master Certification?

January 15, 2019
Agile Scrum Master


The PMI-ACP® certification is the goal of every agile scrum master certification course. The ACSM course will help you prepare for the certification while providing you with training to earn PDU’s which are mandatory to take the examinations. The PMI-ACP includes Agile approaches like Lean, Scrum, Kanban, testing TDD, and XP.

Who can apply?

Agile team members or employees of transitioning enterprises will find the certification a good career choice as it validates your skills and practical knowledge of applying theory learned.

To be certified and retain your certification:
• The certification exam consists of 120 objective type questions to be done in 3 hours.
• To maintain it you need to earn 30 PDUs on Agile related topics once every 3 years from training organisations.
• 2,000 general experience hours working on teams.
• Plus 1,500 working hours on Agile teams/methodologies.
• And 21 contact training hours in practicing Agile.
Here is how you can achieve this goal. Enrol for an Agile Scrum Master Certification Course with a recognized training partner. The course will earn you the training certification and PDU’s required to take the certification exams.

Let’s explore the details of such a course.
The CSM course prepares you for the CSM certification exam. The course allows you to learn Scrum fundamentals and core concepts. The duration differs from 14 to 16 hours and is spread over two days.

It commences with lessons on core concepts like the Agile Manifesto and Scrum Foundations. Later topics include the Scrum roles, how they differ and their impact. You explore how the Scrum Master manages Scrum meetings, Sprint Meets, Daily Sprint Meetings, the Sprint Retrospective Meet etc. You will learn various Scrum artifacts and Scrum work like backlogs, burndown charts, and increments.

Scaling Scrum is an advanced topic that helps you implement Scrum in the work environment. You will be trained through role plays, real-time, industry-relevant scenarios and emerge confident.

On course completion, you get to attempt the online Certified Scrum Master Exam of 35 questions. You need to score a minimum of 24 correct answers to pass. If you pass this exam, you are awarded the CSM credential from the Scrum Alliance by the REP of the Scrum Alliance. You also earn PDUs required for the PMI-ACP examination and certification.

Benefits of the CSM Certification Course
The crucial advantage of completing this workshop and course is that you will have a credential recognized and accepted by top companies across the world. It empowers your resume and practical skills required for furthering your career prospects.

Along with the CSM credential, you will also receive a temporary membership with the Scrum Alliance which brings you closer to a network of highly regarded talent and resources. You gain 14 to 16 PDUs and SEUs, depending on the number of training hours. The knowledge gained helps you confidently execute your duties as a Scrum Master and keep the Agile strategy of the team in an achieving mode. You are also empowered to take the certifying exams.

Success comes to those who persevere, and Scrum Agile is all about putting the practices into action. So enrol today to boost your career.

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