What Are The Blockchain Technology Courses To Meet Demand in The Workforce?

February 18, 2019


Blockchain technology is simply decentralization of data that is achieved by collecting the data on multiple systems. Due to the lack of centralized data, hackers find it very hard to penetrate the security walls of the application that are safeguarded by the blockchain advancements. It was initially introduced to support processes related to bitcoins, but due to its robust and reliable nature, many industries have started implementing it which includes health, real estate, finance, and other industries as well. As a result, there is a huge career scope in this domain, and top industries in the world are recruiting blockchain engineers, managers and other professionals related to the blockchain technology. 

The blockchain is the most hyped technology today!

Financial companies and top banks in the world are leveraging blockchain technology to implement a higher level of cybersecurity in their transactions. This technology can not only be shared by different users, but every bit of data needs to be authenticated completely before entering the network.

Logistic companies’use blockchain technology to track their containers across the world and it is also being implemented in the food and agro-based industries on a large scale.

Even HR recruiters are using this technology to verify the authenticity of the documents and to check their backgrounds. With a myriad of software services, blockchain is being used in different sectors such as medical, telecom and much more.

Popular blockchain courses

The growth of Fintech in India has been substantial over the last decade, and therefore, today many financial institutions provide Fintech training. Some of them also include blockchain certification and training programs in their curriculum. Students who have a background in networking or languages like Java and Python can learn about blockchain to meet the rising demand for blockchain developers, engineers, and designers in the market.

These are the best Blockchain online courses available in the market today:

  • Blockchain Fundamental training – This fundamental course gives a basic idea about Blockchain and how was it first implement in the bitcoin work. Courses like Udemy enable the students to avail this course through the online medium.
  • Certified Blockchain courses – Certified blockchain courses are for the individuals who wish to apply the concept of blockchain for developing solutions that resolve real problems. For that, an individual must have a basic idea about blockchain and must have a computer science background. These courses are usually taken up by software developers, investment bankers, etc. as they guarantee high paying jobs to the professionals.
  • Students and professionals who are interested in blockchain certification can take up Blockchain council which is an online certification course for blockchain experts. Blockchain training courses such as Imarticus is also ideal for candidates who are looking forward to a bright future in financial technology and services. 

How learning Blockchain technology helps professionals secure a high paying job?

A basic understanding of blockchain will prove insufficient for the professionals as they also have to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios and issues. However, due to a serious dearth of blockchain professionals, companies are willing to hire people who have a technical or software background. Moreover, IT companies are also looking to hire freelancers on the basis of hourly pay to satiate the demand in the workforce. Therefore, blockchain not only offers jobs to the students but it also ensures that software and technical professionals who already have experience in their respective fields get high paying jobs.

The available positions for the blockchain experts in the market today include internship positions, Project Managers, Blockchain developers, Quality engineers, Blockchain attorneys, Web designer, Blockchain engineer, etc. Therefore, blockchain technology courses can certainly satiate the growing need for blockchain experts in the market.

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