What Are the Advantages of Blockchain Certification?

February 14, 2019
What Are the Advantages of Blockchain Certification?

Today we are experiencing a new string in the revolution of information technology, which is of the Blockchain technology. Right now we are at a very nascent stage when it comes to accepting this technology, similar to the 1980s when the human civilization had just begun to understand the complex advantages of the World Wide Web.

It would be right to say that it was during those years when our digital economy received an absolute overhaul. Mainly leading to the emergence of companies like Yahoo, Google and Amazon, which made sure that the world never was what it used to be.

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How It Works

It was actually the virtual, secret currency or as we all know it, cryptocurrency which gave rise to the concept of Blockchain technology. This technology was more so developed as the nerve system of the whole field of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which had emerged in the aftermath of the global economic crisis of 2008.

Although designed to only work in the financial arena, this technology has the potential too and at sometimes even taken over other industries, proving to be an absolute game changer.

Currently, we have about two blockchain technologies which are of immense importance in terms of the global scenario. They are;

  1. The Bitcoin blockchain: It has been devised in order to provide transparent accounting and easy transfer of money, especially in terms of the transactions that take place using the bitcoin.
  2. Ethereum blockchain: This blockchain does not just overlook the activities of transactions and accounts, but also deals with programming logic.

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Potential Benefits of Blockchain to the Supply Chain

Considering the fact that this technology ticks all the boxes of being the technology of the future, there are more than enough reasons to learn it and get certified in it. Some of the reasons which also act as an advantage of getting certified in blockchain are;

  1. Blockchain technology does not need varied and different kinds of infrastructure. Rather, with the distributed ledger technology, both of these technologies have a universal infrastructure, which is more advanced than the others but at the same time integrates with the other processes as well. Thus this technology is changing the way data is shared among all.
  2. For many firms, investments in this field may be quite lukewarm in terms of returns right now, but at the same time, they are getting a perfect platform to create futuristic growth. Adopting this technology would lead to more flexibility, new capabilities and also lucrative enough to leverage it in the market in the future.
  3. The blockchain is also known as disrupting technology. This is mainly because of the fact that it would be readily encouraging transactions to take place between two parties, without the hassle of including an intermediary. Thus leading to a lot of players in the market to update their game.
  4. The blockchain is only confined to the field of finance right now, but there are quite a lot of possibilities for it to branch out into various other fields soon enough as well. Although it may take a few years, it is certainly going to ensure the change in the game.

We’re sure that these advantages that only a trained expert in blockchain technology would get, are more than enough a reason to get certified in it.

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