Ways to Make an Impact in Your Workspace

March 10, 2017

Regardless of the fact that you are a fresher or an old employee, with a lot of experience to back you, one thing is very common among us all. We all want to be heard, be it meetings or presentations or just light gossip during the break hours. Communicating what we want to say is an important aspect of a workspace. But are we all able to make that much of an impact always? Well not really, this is because most of us still aren’t able to understand how and when to put our communication skills to use.

Here are a few tips that will help you communicate much better on the professional level.

  1. Whenever given a chance, we would all want to go on and on about our thoughts and beliefs on a certain issue. This is exactly what we should not do. Curating is the key here. Remember the proverb ‘less is more’? It’s simple logic really. Every professional is in themselves a brand of their own. This brand would most likely be reflecting on what you talk as well. Thus asking yourself questions like Are you worth their time? Would certainly ensure that you say things in a crisp, concise manner.
  2. Ever decide to address the elephant in the room? Many of us would agree that the most important topics are the ones that are discussed the least. This may be because these topics usually have a lot of discomfort around them and thus make for less talk. Addressing underlying tension openly will gain you brownie points as an effective communicator.
  3. Having a presence is very important. There are various ways in which you can ensure that you have an edge, in terms of a presenting your ideas. Most importantly, you need to know how to tell a great story. This way you can effectively capture the attention of your colleagues and help give to them, the greatness behind your idea.
  4. One of the best ways to evaluate yourself is seeing yourself in action. How you ask, simply by recording yourself. Capture one of your presentations in their entirety and this way you will be able to overcome all of your cringe worthy moments and fix all that you aren’t aware of.
  5. Body language matters quite a lot. This is why you must entirely focus on your non-verbal skills. For instance, focus on how you behave during a meeting. Do you sit properly so as to convey attention? Or do you slump your shoulders and show off a lot of boredom? Evaluate yourself on your body language and help change it so as to communicate non-verbally with your colleagues.
  6. While social networking and virtual communications are totally in fashion, you must realize that you need to also have human interaction. Meeting professionals in person and speaking to them face to face is a great communication tool for your progress. It is considered the most brilliant hack of them all and you must give it a try.

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