The One Minute Software Development Manager

November 23, 2012

Headline- The One Minute Software Development Manager


Summary- Today, we bring our readers an interesting article by Miguel Carrasco on the tips and tricks of being an effective software development manager. He shares with us some of the important points to keep in mind, if you want to excel at the job.
Miguel Carrasco, who is a frequent speaker on topics like User Experience Design, Social Media, and Technology, has spent a few years studying leadership and software development. As community leader, Miguel is passionate about creating a world-renowned marketing and technology community in central Canada. In this article he has shared some of his key learnings as a Software Development Manager while dealing with his team on a daily basis.

• Explaining the dynamics of leading a team effectively, he emphasizes the need to prioritize goals, define them clearly and explain them to the team with as much clarity so that they can be realized successfully.
• He believes that constant guidance and motivation is a good way to ensure that the team is on the right track.
• He also speaks about the importance of keeping a status check on the team and trusting their judgment.
• To be able to deliver, a team not only requires guidance but also the best possible tools and hardware. This will not only make them more productive, but also enable them to enjoy their jobs more.
• He emphasizes on the need for a leader to be focused, decisive and action oriented at all times.

The article, ‘The One Minute Software Development Manager’ throws light on bringing out the best potential in your team by following some simple steps. Read the article here to know more. Don’t forget to share your opinions with us!

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