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May 18, 2017

In today’s world, new technologies evolve rapidly, demand for various skills and products fluctuates swiftness, and an organization’s real-time strategy decides their ability to sustain, thrive and outperform competitors. Furthermore, in this ever changing competitive landscape, customer-centric organizations require advanced analytics to drive their strategies. Exploiting all the relevant data in decision making in the aforementioned circumstances is a key concern for every business leader.

Currently, a major portion of the business data in an organization exists in the form of unstructured text: emails, chats, reports (PPTs, PDFs, DOCs, XLSX), IT Incident Tickets, machine logs and internal news portals. In addition, external data required for insightful business analysis too evolves on the web in the form of unstructured text: product reviews & descriptions, postings, tweets, blogs, news, articles, advertisements, research papers and so on. Deluge of this textual data within and outside the organization can be exploited to aid in decision making and gain competitive advantage.

Text analytics is the science of converting textual data into actionable knowledge by applying techniques from natural language processing and machine learning.  At DXC Technologies, we have developed intelligent solutions to tackle the aforementioned challenges. If this is an area of interest for you and if you are curious to know how we applied advanced analytics to solve this, please attend our webinar on 30th May 2017 by registering
@ http://knowledge.imarticus.org/mailer2017/Webinar/dxc-webinar.html


Harish Kasiviswanathan
Data Scientist, DXC Technologies
Sitaram Ramachandrula
Master Data Scientist, DXC Technologies

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