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Big Data Analytics is everywhere, across geographies, across industries. It is a known fact that the demand supersedes the supply of seasoned professionals in data science field. It is at the frontier of IT. Also, many IT professionals on a medium skilled level, are in danger of losing their jobs due to automation, giving rise to further need of upscaling their skills, and what better way than entering the field of big data analytics.

Keeping in mind with the growing needs of the industry, Imarticus Learning proudly introduces the ‘Data Science Prodegree’ Program in collaboration with Genpact, a global leader in Analytics.

Firstly, let’s agree that doing a course in big data analytics is the best career move, there is a soaring demand for professionals, as data is considered useless without the skills to analyse it. We are in an age where data is being created in high volumes, across channels and there is a dearth in the number of qualified professionals to accurately interpret it.

It is a lucrative career option with a starting salary of 5 lakhs for fresher’s to above 35 lakhs for 10 plus years of experience. Adoption of Big data analytics is increasing in industries, and according to the field gurus, it is becoming a high priority for most organisations.

So the “Why” of why you should do a course in big data analytics is pretty convincing.

Read on to gauge why doing the Data Science Prodegree Program with Imarticus Learning in collaboration with Genpact, be beneficial to you.

About Genpact

They are the pioneers in designing, transforming, and managing intelligent operations in the digital and analytics stream. They are the catalysts in running digital led transformation, through extensive digital, analytics and consulting capabilities, thus streamlining numerous processes for fortune 500 companies.

All these capabilities make Genpact the perfect partner for Imarticus, specially the expertise they bring to the program. Genpact has collaborated with Imarticus on design and content creation, hence ensuring that on completing the course the candidate becomes a job ready professional in analytics.

What does the Data Science Prodegree program offer, and how is it designed?

The data science Prodegree program offered by Imarticus Learnings, in association with the knowledge partner Genpact, is a program spread over 200 hours. It covers all foundational concepts of leading analytical tools, such as SAS, R, Python, Hive, Spark and Tableau, it includes self-paced videos and project work. The course is delivered by faculty with over 10 years of experience in the data analytics industry.

The Course is spread over 4 semesters, which will gauge the candidates with timely assessments, after each semester, and additionally will help them gain theoretical knowledge of data science tools along with exposure to business perspectives and industry best practices, as the program is assisted with several guest lectures and data based project work. All this will eventually help the participant develop an essence in data science and analytics.

The program is a hybrid model between class room lectures, by expert faculty with industry credentials and self-paced instructor videos to manage to learn at your own convenience. A mix of conceptual and application based learning.

Basically, it is a course designed to upscale your skills in analytics.

Who should consider enrolling for the course?

The Data Science Prodegree program is beneficial for professionals or students who are firstly, interested in building a profession in the analytics industry. Secondly, individuals who are keen in enhancing their technical skills with exposure to cutting edge practices.

So if you are a post graduate with a degree in science math, statistics, or computer application, or if you are working as a professional in programming or IT, with an experience of not more than 4 years, with an objective to sharpen your skill sets and change career paths, you should strongly consider enrolling for the Data Science Prodegree Program.

Where do I stand post the course completion in the Data Analytics Market?

Top companies are hiring for business analytics, companies like Visa, Amazon, Facebook, and overall industries of all nature are recognising the importance of data analysis and hiring to meet the demands.

On completion of the course, not only will you be trained in a manner which will make you a job ready professional in the data analysis industry, but the Data Science Prodegree Program will also assist you in resume building, interview preparation by conducting mock interviews and will also assist you with a placement portal, through private and open networks on their placement portal.

So from relevant content designed by industry stalwarts, to industry centric faculty, instructionally designed modules, and great networking opportunities, to ensuring you pick up skills in not only the theoretical concepts of data analytics, but also gain learning knowledge of the technical tools. Ample assistance in picking up the best jobs in the industry, the Data Science Prodegree Program from Imarticus Learning, offers you all.

Give a boost to your career and enrol now!

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Benefits of Big Data Analytics Training and Certification Program

It’s no longer a question whether an association needs Big Data technique. It’s an issue of how soon they grasp it. IT experts are scrambling to get certified in Big Data or Hadoop, which is relied upon to end up basically the most heated tech-expertise in the following couple of years. Huge Data is gradually receiving noticeable interest known everywhere throughout the world, as organisations overall verticals like utilities, retail, media, pharmaceuticals, vitality, and others are grasping the most current IT idea. This is also the reason why Big Data training and certifications in big data have become so popular in the recent years.

According to some current techniques, numerous association did not have the capacity to meet the requests of the client because of the unpredictability of information to break down and prepare the information. To dodge these sort of issues, Organisations are actualizing Big Data innovations. Overall areas of the world, 53% of the 1,217 organisations had embraced no less than one Big Data activity.

Why Big Data Certification?

The truth of the matter is, organisations are attempting to get Hadoop ability. Ventures embracing Hadoop need to be guaranteed that individuals they contract can deal with the petabytes of Big Data. The testament is a proof in such manner, making a man in charge of the information.

The following happens to be the benefits of big data training, especially with Hadoop:

  • Taking after a portion of the regular points of interest Big Data affirmation offers.
  • HR managers and HR groups are chasing for aspirants having big data and Hadoop certifications. It’s an unequivocally preferred standpoint over those having no affirmation.
  • Huge information accreditation gives an edge over different experts, in regards to the compensation bundle.
  • Hadoop, as well as big data certification, helps an individual quicken vocation development amid the inside employment posting process.
  • One of the real points of interest Big Data certification gives is that it is useful for those attempting to change over to Hadoop from other specialised foundations.
  • Hadoop certification underwrites hands-on understanding of working with Big Data.
  • Confirms that an expert knows about the most recent Hadoop highlights.
  • The big data certification helps in talking all the more unquestionably about the innovation to the organisation while organising with others.

While the above are the general benefits of anyone who happens to have pursued a big data training or certification. The biggest benefit of all would most definitely be the salary packages that some of the expert Data scientists receive these days. As the world becomes increasingly data-driven, organisations of various stature have begun to depend on these big data magicians, to create their magic with numbers and help their respective firm’s progress.

Now for the important question. Where does a data aspirant go to get a certification in Big Data? Imarticus Learning happens to be the best in class, especially when it comes to certification in Big data courses that are thoroughly industry endorsed.

The program includes comprehensive coverage of Big Data trends, HDFS architecture, MapReduce concepts, Query tools like Hive and Pig, data loading tools and several advanced Hadoop concepts, all taught by experienced industry professionals who have 15+ years of experience in this domain.

Our program is aligned to meet the needs of the industry and the focus is always on job-readiness rather than being excessively academic. The curriculum and learning methodology is designed and vetted by our Analytics Advisory Council which features senior management from top Analytics firms to ensure effective learning. You will also have periodic guest lectures with industry professionals to help gain new perspectives and broaden your horizon.

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