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5 Top Reasons to Learn Python


One should have a good grasp of technology, as its uses and advantages have seeped in almost all spheres of professional setups. If you are working in the field of IT, programmer to be specific, a quick way to upgrade your resume would be to learn Python. Python is considered to be the most commonly used programming languages. Hence for a programmer who is on the brink of embarking his career should learn Python.

So if you are considering learning to code, and be updated and efficient with your skills in the world of programming. Then further read on to understand five undisputable reasons you should learn Python.

Quick and Fast

Python is definitely an easy language to learn, to be true the language was designed keeping this feature in mind. For a beginner, the biggest advantage is that the codes are approximately 3-5 times shorter in Python than in any other programming language. Python is also very easy to read, almost like reading the English language, hence it becomes effective yet uncomplicated in its application.

The dual advantage is that a beginner will not only pick up faster but, will also be able to code complex programmes in a shorter amount of time. And an experienced programmer will increase productivity.

Big Corporates use Python

Python is one of the most favourite languages used at Google, and they are ever hiring experts. Yahoo, IBM, Nokia, Disney, NASA all rely on Python. They are always in search of Python web developers, and a point to note is that they are big pay masters. Hence learning Python equals to big Pay cheques.

Python for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The biggest USP of Python is that it is easy to use, flexible and fast, hence it is the preferred language choice. And especially so in computer science research. Through Python, one can perform complex calculation with a simple ‘import’ statement, followed by a function call, thanks to Python’s numerical computation engines. With time Python has become the most liked language for Machine Learning.

Python is Open Source and comes with an exciting Ecosystem

Python has been there for almost 20 years or so, running across platforms as an open source. With Python, you will get codes for, Linux, windows and MacOS. There is also a number of resources that get developed for Python that keeps getting updated. It also has a standard library with in-built functionality.

Nothing is Impossible with Python

And if the above reasons are not convincing, perhaps the best reason to learn Python, is that irrespective of what your career goals are you can do anything. Since it is easy and quick to learn, with it, you can adapt to any other language or more importantly environment. Be it web development, big data, mathematical computing, finance, trading, game development or even cyber security, you can use Python to get involved.

Python is not some kind of a niche language, and neither is it a small time scripting language, but major applications like YouTube or Dropbox are written in Python. The opportunities are great, so learn the language and get started.


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Top Reasons To Learn Python


While a college education is of the utmost importance, how many times have we seen a self-taught entrepreneur or an innovator pass us by, while we were busy looking for job vacancies? The major difference between that professional and you is that they were able to successfully learn all those industry relevant tools, while you were busy studying out of generic books. This trend of acquiring skills in order to fit in, with Industry requirements is catching on really fast. Institutes like Imarticus Learning, which offer a number of comprehensive courses in the field of Analytics and Finance,
are successful in training their students, in keeping with all the industry relevant talents, the HR managers are looking for.

Continuing in the same vein, in the field of Data Science, it is very advantageous to be adept in the data analytics tool, called Python. If you are a data enthusiast, wondering why should you be learning this tool, here’s a list of reasons, just for your benefit;

1. Its a very easy-to-learn programming tool

While we do agree, that learning a programming language is in no way as exciting as learning how to race cars, but Python happens to be one of those tools, which was specifically designed for the newbies. Reading this would be as easy, as doing a first grade math assignment, as this programming language is entirely easy and comfortable for someone from the non-technical background. Another reason why this language is so economical to learn is that it requires much less amount of code, for instance, any Python code is about three to five times shorter, than the Java code and about 5-20 times shorter, than the C++ code.

2. Better for your progress

Python can very well be called your stepping stone, to a better career in the field of analytics. HR managers are always on the lookout for well-rounded programmers, and having the knowledge of Python will surely get you there. Like other key programming languages, Python is also an object oriented language. This will surely help you adapt very easily in any type of environment.

3. There’s a micro-computer, specially made for Python language

Raspberry Pi is a card sized, extremely inexpensive micro-computer, which usually specializes in video game consoles, remote controlled cars, and the likes. Python is considered to be the main programming language here and its so easy and comfortable to work with, that even the kids are using it to build arcade machines and pet feeders and the likes.

who uses python4. Handsome Rewards

Reports state, that Python has had the largest job demand growth, from the past three years. In the year 2014, while the hiring demand for IT professionals dipped down, on the other hand the demand for Python programmers increased, and that too by about 8.7%. Prospective employers are Google, Yahoo!, Disney, Nokia, IBM and so on.



5. It functions online as well

Web Development is all the rage these days and all thanks to Python, you will now be able to take a huge bite of that as well. Django is an open sourced application framework, which is entirely written in Python and is also the foundation for a number of popular sites like, Pinterest, The New York Times, The Guardian, Bit Bucket and so on.

There you go, five extremely appealing reasons why you must learn Python.

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