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June 22, 2017
Core Investment Banking Activities That Can Help an Organization to Grow Investment banks, in the true sense, are financial intercessors, amongst people who need funds and people who can provide funds. They ensure that there is a flow of cash and distribution of capital. In a simple example, they are the bridge that brings together, those who need money to invest in businesses, like factories with […] Read More »
May 3, 2017
Deeper capital market to help India unlock $100 billion in funding every year Indian Capital Markets have shown remarkable growth in the post-Liberalization era and it remains one of the most resilient globally and poised to be one of the Top destinations for domestic and global businesses to expand and invest in. Raising capital is a strategic priority across India and role of Capital Markets has assumed far […] Read More »
February 16, 2017
Blockchain: The Possible Answer to Trade Finance Modernization Recently, a study was conducted by the capital financial technology giant, C2FO, regarding European treasures. Herein, it was found that 75% of these treasurers are supposedly focussing on investing in trade finance technology, in the following year of 2017. Colin Sharp, who holds the position of senior vice-president, EMEA at C2FO, is of the opinion […] Read More »
February 14, 2017
Industry Report: Investments and Developments Part – II [Read Part 1] This report analysis would be mainly dealing with all the key investments and developments in Indian banking sector. Starting from the basic, central level, the RBL Bank Limited, a private sector bank in India, has reportedly raised about Rs. 330 crore as a result of their association with CDC Group Plc. This is […] Read More »
February 11, 2017
The Most Bizarre Questions That Investment Banks Asked This Year We are all aware about the road to a great career in Investment Banking isn’t complete without the biggest roadblock, which is the interviews. For any freshly minted candidate, there always is a string of common run of the mill questions revolving mainly around their weaknesses, the 5 year plans that they intend to work […] Read More »
February 6, 2017
Industry Report: Banking Sector in India Part – I This article will be principally dealing with the basic understanding about the banking sector, specifically in India and all the aspects and components of the size of the market. According to the Reserve Bank of India, the banking sector in India is believed to be sufficiently capitalized and well regulated. Recent reports state that the […] Read More »
February 4, 2017
Working in a Boutique vs a Bulge Bracket Investment Banking Firm There has been a lot of news in the media recently about how investment banking fees are at an all-time low and how those multi-million dollar bonuses are about to take a beating. But recently the Financial Times noted how boutique banks like Evercore and Moelis are doing well, and are attracting a great deal […] Read More »
January 12, 2017
The Benefits of a CISI Certification with Imarticus Learning The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments is considered to be the leading professional body, globally, for securities, investment, wealth and financial planning professionals. Founded in the year 1992 by the London Stock Exchange, today, it has taken up the role of a global community, spanning around 116 countries and boasting of about 40,000 members. […] Read More »
December 27, 2016
Introduction to Non-Banking Financial Companies By Zenobia Sethna Non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) have scripted a fantastic success story so far in India. Leading NBFCs are bigger than many Public Sector Banks. Types of NBFCs: Factors contributing to the growth of NBFCs: • Stress on public sector units (PSUs) • Dormant credit demand • Digital disruption, especially for micro, small and […] Read More »
December 9, 2016
Why A Career In Investment Banking Would Be The Best Decision For You? A lot of graduates today, decide to pursue higher studies, so as to ensure that they are able to get into the career of their choice. This is the age where just having a generalized degree, does not seemingly cut it. This has given birth to a whole new aspect of specialization in the society, […] Read More »