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March 31, 2016
M&A Deals in India – March edition by Sonya Hooja. On popular request and back of the PE 2015 performance analysis, we are back with key deals for March 2016 along with a few pointers that should help you with deal analysis in any forthcoming interviews; this will help you be relevant. 1) Edelweiss buys JP Morgan’ India mutual fund business, subject […] Read More »
February 27, 2016
M&A Deals in India – February edition By Sonya Hooja. So you’ve read the Vault guide from front to back, tackled our extensive interview sample question database and printed out your cheat sheet, yet you still feel unprepared for your Investment Banking interview once you have done an investment banking course in India. Investment banking interviews are notorious for their unpredictability. One […] Read More »