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How is SAS Learning Helpful for an IT fresher?

Breakdowns make us intensely mindful of our reliance, innovation additionally has made it super simple to arrange on LinkedIn, enthusiastically eat up tweets on Twitter, and remain associated on Facebook. To deal with the expanding reams of information that innovation tosses out with lightning speed you require a SAS master or two. This data analytics tool is by far known to be one of the best tools for data science.

In the following ten years, the rundown of provocative employments will incorporate analyst.
Particular parts are difficult to mark since each association has their own particular part definition in light of complex needs. Be that as it may, here are some normal parts you can hope to discover as you look. You can likewise discover more SAS forte parts on the web.

  • Business expert
  • Clinical information software engineer
  • Information Analyst
  • Information Quality Steward
  • Information Scientist
  • Information stockroom designer
  • Database manager
  • Database software engineer
  • Designer
  • ETL authority
  • Monetary expert
  • IT Manager
  • Advertising expert
  • Stage Administrator
  • Software engineer
  • Venture Manager
  • Quality expert
  • Report software engineer
  • Announcing Analyst
  • Securities investigator
  • Analyst
  • Measurements developer
  • Frameworks/organize developer

Like whatever other work ability, there are 2 ways to deal with enter/begin an examination profession:
Approach 1 – Get contracted by an organization which trains you (on work/inside training) on the fundamental abilities. These eventual organizations which have Analytics in their DNA and utilize it for their everyday choices. While this approach is better from long haul viewpoint, it requires some investment and venture (particularly if there is no organized preparing in the organizations). A portion of the organizations known for utilizing bleeding edge Analytics (in India) are:

Innovation pioneers: Google, Facebook, Linkedin
Saving money, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI): Capital One, American Express, ICICI, HDFC
Telecom organizations: Idea, Vodafone, Airtel
Examination Consultancies: Fractal, Mu-Sigma, Absolutdata, ZS Associates

One of the backup way to go to get into these organizations can be entry level positions. So in the event that you have a 2 – half year break, give an attempt to turning into an understudy in these organizations.

Approach 2 – Get Business Analytics related affirmation: While these confirmations furnishes you with the specialized abilities required, these would not have the capacity to make up for involvement at work.

SAS Learning is popularly becoming the best data analytical tool which a lot of IT freshers prefer to learn today. This is mainly because of the fact that this programming tool has been in the industry for quite a long time and has a great base of clients.

For individuals with work understanding, different driving scholastic organizations run confirmation courses. I had shrouded them in more points of interest in my past post here. On the off chance that you have the required involvement and assets, I would suggest the course from ISB.

For freshers, there are confirmation courses keep running by SAS preparing establishment, Imarticus Learning, This is one very esteemed institute which offers a number of industry endorsed courses in SAS Programming as well as other data analytics tool and verticals in finance.

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Average Salary of a Data Scientist

data science

There is a lot of confusion in the data science Job, as it is relatively new profession. We have got a lot of queries about Data Scientist salary and there career path.  In this blog will talk about the how data scientist came into a picture and what is the starting salary for this job.

Statistics state that history’s most unbalanced demand and supply ratio is seen today in the Big Data Industry. It is known that in the U.S.A there would soon be a shortage of around 140,000-190,000 professionals, with the required skill set for data analytics. With a tsunami like amount of information being generated by firms on a daily basis, it becomes difficult to for them to make sense of it.

This is where the Data Scientist or the Data Analyst comes into the picture. These are individuals equipped with a certain skill set, who can take all this information or more popularly known as data and make sense of it. They work with great volumes of data sets, study them and generate various insights which help the company prosper.

As this is a fairly new thing, there are a lot of areas which are clearly out of focus. There has been no clear distinction between the two terms ‘Data Scientist’ and ‘Data Analyst’ and people still haven’t had any clear cut idea about what is meant by either Hadoop or SAS Programming and so on.

As this field needs a specific skill set like statistics, an eye for drawing out the patterns, being great at analysis and exceptional at programming knowledge; makes the number of professionals apt for this job very limited. The fact that there has been a rising demand in the firms for Data Scientists, states that the career prospects in this field have grown exponentially.

Glassdoor placed it in the first position on the 1st, as a Best Jobs in America list. According to IBM, demand for this role will soar 28% by 2020.

It is believed that the field of Data Analytics would be further divided into three different categories. These would be for professionals who would be good at coding and creating languages to sort the data, people possessing exemplary statistical skills and those who have an eye for drawing traits and patterns from the same.

With the Data Analytics Industry becoming dynamic by the day, the prospects for someone looking to make it their career are really high. The average salary of a Data Scientist starting into this industry can range from 3lakh-4lakh and can go onto 12lakh- 20lakh per annum.

Data Scientist Salary

There are a lot of courses offered in Data Analytics today, whereby any aspirant can get trained in various data analytics tools like R Programming, Python, SAS Programming, Big Data Hadoop and many others.

At, Imarticus Learning we offer various short term and long term courses in Data Analytics and the tools therein.


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5 Weird Ways How Data is Used Around the World

big_data prediction

Data is omnipresent, it is available everywhere. We cannot deny the fact that data is changing the world in ways we cannot fathom. We are at a time, where we are witnessing innovation in the way we are collecting and interpreting this data. Big data analysis is a groundbreaking step and it is only becoming bigger by the day. We are slowly realising that the use of data in almost all aspects of our lives, is actually making our lives simpler, at the same time it is presenting an opportunity for us, by helping us shape the world that we live in for the good.

There are many mainstream uses of data, which can be collected from various sources, and on interpretation can produce huge values. For example, e-commerce sites, that increase revenue with the inputs from customer feedback and shopping pattern.

Eventually, every aspect of our lives will be impacted by the advent of big data. It is not all buzz without action. There are some significant areas where big data is already making a difference, in fact in some areas it is doing so in a camouflaged approach.

Analytics is working in wonderful ways, and it has found some pretty interesting applications.

A quick read below will reveal some unobserved ways in which big data is touching our lives :

1. Enhanced Sport Performance
Most select sports are now using the benefits of big data analytics, video analytics is used to map the performance in football or baseball, sensor technology is also used in the sports equipment such as basket, golf clubs which relay feedback over smartphones, via cloud servers, on how to improve performance in the game. Health bands help track activities of sport persons outside of the sporting environment to keep a check on their nutrition and sleep also social media usage and conversations to understand the psychological wellbeing.

2. Elevating Machine Performance
Big data tools are used to control autonomous cars, for example, Toyota’s Prius is equipped with GPS, powerful computers, and sensors to safely drive on road without human intervention. Computer performance can also be enhanced by using big data tools.

3. Augmenting and Refining Cities and Countries
Many cities use big data to improve aspects of its functioning. For example, traffic situations could be better controlled, by getting factual data, by weather understanding and through social media. Some cities ae planning to use big data to upgrade themselves as smart cities, where the transport, infrastructure and utility processes are all interconnected. In other words, a train would wait for a delayed plane, or where traffic signals change their functioning on predictions to minimize traffic jams.

4. Use of Sentiments in Elections
Big data analytics can impact the way we choose our leaders, or perhaps the way the leader ensure we choose them by appealing to our sentiments and needs, voter models are designed to identify specific voters who could make a difference in elections and specifically target messages to those voters. The Obama campaign in 2012 presidential elections took this to another level into their stride.

5. Better Healthcare
Big data, with its computing ability, can assist us to decode entire DNA strings in moments. This will allow us to achieve better results and maybe understand or better still predict disease patterns. It can almost help us identify epidemics and outbreaks by linking data from medical records along with social media analytics, and imagine all this will be in actual time. Just by reading messaging like ‘not feeling good today” or “in Bed no energy” on social media.

As time extends, there will be many applications and tools of big data that will have a variety of possibilities. While it can be debated how this data is invading our privacy, it is best to look at the bright side and acknowledge how this data will make our lives easy.

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Five Reasons Why Big Data is The Right Career Move for you…

Big data analytics

You cannot achieve tomorrow’s results using yesterday’s methods, and this line is the need to understand and accept the impact of BIG DATA and growing demands of business.

Big data means access to big information, leading to abilities in doing things you could not do before.

Case in point – a small exercise…

Before you read ahead, check the posture you are sitting in, now look around and check the posture of others sitting beside you, observe… what do you see? Someone is slouching. Someone has their legs crossed, elbows resting on the armchair, palms pressed against their chins, a constant moving of the limbs. Not everyone sitting around you has the same posture. What if we put many sensors on the chairs around you to help record and create an index, which is unique to you, which says person X sits in these particular postures during specific intervals of the day?

In addition, say what if this data was sold to car manufacturers as an anti-theft design to help recognise that the person sitting behind the wheel is not the same and say until he keys in a password the car even though entered would not start.

Now imagine what if every single car in the world had this technology, think of the benefits of aggregating this data. Maybe we would be able to predict which postures while driving would lead to an accident say in something as close as the next 7 seconds do, and alert the driver to change position or take a break from driving.

Now my dear reader THAT is the power of BIG DATA. It can help record, collect, understand, predict, and prevent events from a random collection of information.

So if that is so useful where lies the problem? Why is the world not already a better place?

Because there is a gap between opportunity and demand in skilled professionals to help comprehend and present valuable insights into specific relevant trends, big or small from the available data.

Big data is all around us and there is a calling need to preserve all the generated data for the fear of missing something that could be important. Hence, comes the need for big data Analytics, Big data is crucial to do better business, to take accurate decisions and in always being a step ahead of your competitors. Therefore, if you are a professional in the Analytics domain there is a sea of opportunity waiting for you to dive in.

Big data Analytics is Unfathomable and depending on the environment one can choose from

  1. Prescriptive Analytics
  2. Descriptive Analytics
  3. Predictive Analytics

Big Data Analytics market is predicted to surpass $125 billion in between 2015 – 2020, which in turn in some sense means handsome pay brackets for the skilled individual.

  • Salary Aspect

To improve the performance of the organisation, most companies have either already implemented or are in the process of implementing Big Data Analytics, as they already have the data at their disposal.

  • All Organisations adopting some form of Data Analytics = Growing Market

There is a big gap in skilled professionals who are able to convert the data available. The ability to see small trends from the pool of big information. Which ultimately advances the organisation in the right direction. There are two types of talent deficits. Data consultants – who have the ability to not only, understand but also use the data at hand in the appropriate way and the other is Data Scientists who can perform analytics.

  • Skill Deficit

Big data Analytics is not restricted to any specific Domain; it can be and in recent times is being used in Healthcare, Automobiles, Manufacturing and more, creating a massive global demand.

  • Global demand across industries

Analytics becomes a competitive resource for organisations, according to certain studies Analytics has already become the most important asset in current times. Because we are emerging from the undeveloped analytics trends to more advanced forms. It is undeniable that Analytics plays a vital role in decision making and taking strategic initiatives for the business.

  • Importance of Analytics for Better Decision Making in Organisation

So in deduction to the above, Analytics no matter how advanced is human dependent. These are exciting times for skilled people who can comprehend data and give valuable insights from the business point of view. A trained individual with the right Analytics insight can master an ocean of big data and become an indispensable asset to the organisation becoming a springboard to the business and their career.

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What is Meant By Data-Driven Innovation?

Data-Driven Innovation

Today’s society is absolutely in throes of a pulsating data revolution. Every kind of information out there, including information about the most minute of details, like for instance, the life forms thriving in the smallest inch of earth, is available online. This very information is rapidly being converted into data, that is accessible and can be read by machines. New ways are being discovered, to make great progress, across a number of fields and industries, all of which are on the basis of analysing of data. Many experts belonging to the field of Data Science believe, that the future holds a lot in store especially when it comes to innovation with data. As technology progresses, the world finds better ways to adapt, in terms of collecting, storing and analysing data. It won’t be long until the time when our economies and societies are fully data driven.

While data is gradually becoming one of the key drivers of the 21st Century economy. Data Science and Data Analytics, both these concepts have shown incredible potential, for stimulating innovations as well as progress in various different areas of the industry. Since its emergence, people belonging to the IT sector or other related industries, have been able to understand the complexities of the world, in a much better way, which has then prompted them to make better decisions, for the growth and development of their respective firms. As the world and humankind evolves, it gets more complex and the advent of technology is ensuring that we are able to make sense out of this melange of complexities. Take for example cars manufactured by the Tesla company, which specializes in manufacturing self driven cars and is also trying to make use of non-conventional energy resources in the place of fuel and gas for cars. From a lay perspective, this is what is meant by Data Driven Innovation.

Big data analyticsBig Data, probably is the most used term in the corporate world these days. It basically refers to the process of various firms and companies, which gather enormous amounts of information, in the form of large data sets, which are frequently updated to be further analyzed and used, in order to make value based decisions for the furthering of the companies. In the earlier days, companies and firms especially in the service sector, had to host a number of surveys and take into account samples (set of people for an experiment) and then make assumptions, as to how it would impact the larger society. With the introduction of Data Science and Big Data, companies no longer have to collect data sporadically, as they can very well generate their own data. The generation of their own data may possibly depend on a number of sources, but one of the most popular sources would be inviting consumers to provide feedback on the various, different products and services they provide. Another very important source of data is the Internet of things, which is a term that is used in reference to a number of devices, which are wirelessly connected to any particular network. This is how data driven innovation has been taking place and as the area for this development increases, the number of people wanting a make career out of Data Science also multiplies.

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Is Big Data Really Changing The World?

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The Promises of Artificial Intelligence: Introduction

Artificial Intelligence

The field of Artificial Intelligence seems to working on a winning streak. In the year 2005, the U. S Defence Advance Research Project Agency, held the DARPA Grand Challenge, which was supposedly held to spur development of autonomous vehicles, basically in order to make self-driven, smart cars. This challenge was taken up and successfully completed by 5 teams. In the year 2011, in a great competition of Jeopardy, the IBM Watson system, was successfully able to beat two long time, human champions of the same legendary game. Another great win of technology over the human race would be in the year 2016, when Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo system was able to successfully defeat the world champion of Go Player, who was reportedly the world champion for 18 consecutive times.

While these feats of technology over the human brain are extremely commendable, today the long surviving dream of humans, which basically revolved around developing technology to control their surroundings, has finally come to fruition. This has resulted in the form of Google’s Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. As a result of all of these AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered virtual assistants, people are able to make greater use of technology in order to live better lives.

Artificial Intelligence is considered to be a field of computer science, which is entirely devoted to the creation of computing machines and systems, all of which are able to perform operations that are similar to human learning and decision making. According to the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, AI is, “the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behaviour and their embodiment in machines.” While these intelligence levels can never be compared to those of the humans, but they can certainly vary in terms of various technologies.

Artificial Intelligence includes a number of functions, which include learning, which primarily includes a number of approaches such as deep learning, transfer learning, human learning and especially decision making. All of these functionalities can later help in the execution of various fields such as cardiology, accounting, law, deductive reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and mainly interactions with people, in order to not only perform tasks, but also to learn from the environment.

While the recent changes may be extremely mind blowing, the promise of AI has always been existing since era of electromechanical computing, this began in the time period, after the World War 2. The first conference of Artificial Intelligence was held at the college of Dartmouth in the year 1956 and at that time, it was said that AI could be achieved within the time period of summer. Later on, in the 1960’s there were scientists, who claimed that in the next decade, it would be possible to see various machines controlling human lives. But it was in the year 1965, when the Nobel Laureate, Herbert Simon, who is supposed to have predicted the words, which would have some substance and which were, “In the next 20 years, it would be possible that machines would be able to do any work of labour that man can”.

With Artificial Intelligence, going in full fervour, the field which it has affected most in the field of Data Science. And as there are many who believe that there is a great to achieve in this field, have begun to get trained in the same by approaching professional training institute – Imarticus Learning.

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The Potential Of Big Data and Analytics

Big Data

Since the time its popularity hit the roofs, there’s one statement about Big Data that’s remained a constant. “It isn’t about what you know, it is mainly all about what you do, with what you now.” While this may seem as a bit of gibberish to some, industry experts claim that it happens to be a valuable lesson, that companies across the globe will soon end up learning, in the coming years, especially when it comes to the field of Big Data.

Innumerable industry experts among us claim, that 2017 will be the ‘It’ year. The year when data science and big data are bound to go mainstream. Did you know that there are a number of teenagers out there, who are entirely dependent on Google analytics to monitor their brands, regardless of their size. There are a number of parallels drawn between, the thriving start-up culture on one hand, and the increasing developments in the field of predictive analytics and target marketing.

As we are well into the year of 2017, it can be noted, that there are a number of changes in store for Data Science. There are signs of a meaningful shift, gradually taking place when it comes to business and big data. It probably would be the first time, when data analytics, would be the driver of a number of business operations. This change will be a very rewarding proposition for all of those working in the data science industry. While on the other hand, those companies who are lagging behind in this race of technology, could be in for some serious liabilities.

According to Harvard Business Review, “A majority of business outfits today, are nowhere close to recognizing the value and benefits, that data analytics can bring to their firms.” Industry experts believe there happen to be a number of reasons for the same. From lack of communication to absolute absence of a proper, well-designed plan could result into businesses, being entirely oblivious to kind of benefit data analytics can bring. While this news may lead you to panic, there are still a number of things that you, as a business entrepreneur can do and you, as a data science professional can be well aware of.

When it comes to gathering the generated data, almost every single person in the company must buy into the value analytics. If your firm fails to do so, it runs the risk of your company ending up with data, that is either worthless, or enormous amounts of data insights, which will rarely be put to use. Every company and firm out there, needs to make a proper action plan, especially when it comes to the professionals, who are responsible for managing data, reporting it, gathering information, inputting the data and most importantly, who analyzes this data. If these processes aren’t outlined properly, your data will almost never pay.

As the whole world comes to terms with the potential of Big Data and data analytics, there is an increasing need for trained professionals, who are adept in working with data analytics tools. A number of data enthusiasts have begun to look for institutes like Imarticus Learning, which will offer them industry endorsed training programs, in various data analytics tools like R, SAS, Python, Hadoop and so on.

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R Programming in Business Analytics

R programming language

Data Science as a concept has existed for quite some time, but it’s come into the limelight in very recent times. The whole world is witness to the kind of magic and power, that data analytics generally exudes, as a result of which, it is imperative for every business out there to be able to acknowledge this phenomenon. Regardless of the size, manner, focus area or revenue of a firm, it is essential for it, to understand the dynamics, behind the enormous amount of data, that it generates due to its clients and the maintenance of the same. While there are field where spreadsheets still hold the place of power, but they have long become redundant and obsolete, all because of the emergence of data analytics tools. These data analytics tools are essentially the very important cogs of the proverbial machine, which help data scientist accomplish absolute feats with predictive analytics. So when it comes to the go to tools of data analytics, there ensues an intense debate, so as to which one could happen to be the best or the most efficient aid.

Certification in R ProgrammingWhile many believe that SAS programming (mainly due to its time honored presence in the industry and its huge client base), is the tool to go for, lately the younger generation has been differing opinions. Many believe that the best programming language right now is the R Programming language, one of the main reasons cited here, is the fact that R, is an open sourced programming language, which means that it is easily accessible as well as free to be downloaded. Being free of cost, over time, R has generated its own community of users, which includes numerous data scientists, who have all the liberty to develop updated beta versions and to fix the bugs. It has become the hot favorite of all those data analysts and data scientists, working to analyze huge amounts of information and being able to formulate new breakthroughs, in various business fields.

Apart from being a great tool for use in data analytics, R programming comes to be of major use when it comes to business analytics. This programming language basically, makes it very easy for any business to go through its entire data, in the most hassle free manner. It primarily scales all the information, so that numerous parallel processors, are able to work at the same time. As many computers don’t have sufficient memory, to handle and deal with enormous amounts of data, R programming offers ScaleR, which is a part of the application that does the job of trying to re-purpose great amounts, into smaller chunks of information, so that it can be processed on a number of servers, at the very same time. As R allows the users to analyse statistical information in the most sophisticated of manner and in literally a matter of minutes, which most of the other languages cannot really accomplish; this makes R a force to reckon with in the world of business analysis. Rising popularity of R has led to quite a number of people opting to get professional trained in this language, for which majority of them look for institutes offering certification courses like Imarticus Learning.

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Predictions For The Future Of Big Data

big_data prediction

While a lot of experts believe that there’s some great stuff in store for the future of big data, it is also true that technology will be greatly advancing throughout 2017. This is why there are a number of complex facets of big data, which are increasing by the day. Various attributes of big data, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, are believed to have a huge impact on big data analytics. There are a number of factors that exhibit the potential to change or more likely determine the direction at which big data is moving. For instance, there will soon be a number of customers who would replace the businesses, in demanding various amounts of data, to look for the cheapest hotels and understanding climate issues and similar concepts. There is a very acceptable idea today, of a reality where it would be the customers, the common man, if you may, who would be demanding personalized, tailored artificial intelligence technology, to suit their particular needs and demands.

While these seem like mere examples, with a tinge of realism, there are absolute chances of these becoming a reality very soon.

Ten years ago, all the data that was ever generated and accumulated, made up the highest denominations of storage space, which was namely Gigabytes or Terra-bytes, but the recent few years have made an explosion of data, into what is known as exabytes; this term roughly refers to billions of Gigabytes of data. This is where we derive the term ‘big data’ from, it is to denote the humongous amounts of data that has been generated, all over the world, in such a short amount of time. Regardless of whatever happens in other aspects of this field, one thing we can be absolutely certain of. That is, that data will be continuously growing, which means that soon there will come a time, when we will be talking about Zettabytes, which roughly amounts for a trillion Gigabytes.

Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence began its advent, as just a buzzword which was continuously used by sci-fi movie enthusiast and was mainly used to refer to technology only seen in sci-fi movies and the likes. Today, this term is no longer reserved for those, who are obsessed with technological gizmos, or those involved in science. It has very well become a part of our everyday lives, through various examples, like Google’s Allo, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. There are absolute indicators that AI has full potential of transforming, from something nice to have to very essential technology to have. There are so many changes and futuristic developments that big data can make today, as well as in the future.

One of the biggest prediction is the fact that big data can result in various advanced applications for fields of national security, customer behavior tracking, weather forecasting, HR, sports, health and so on.

One prediction is definitely going to happen, which is that big data will have a better, smarter and a huge impacting role to play in the future.


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4 Most Exciting Data Based Start Ups In India Today!


As the world rapidly becomes data driven today, the most exciting places which are rapidly developing as a result of this are all the startups out there. While data technologies have been around for quite a while now, various factors like the increasing speed of data generation, as well as the ability to store data, have resulted into the emergence of a number of advanced data run startups. Apart from being either involved with data analytics and being data driven, these startups are very unique in terms of their various founding members and the educational backgrounds they belong to, the industry that they work in and the opportunities available therein, the kind of investment and funds they receive or raise and so on. Apart from these deciding factors, there is also the growth factor, which makes for a great importance and good career in big data field in terms of how popular a startup goes on to be.

Here’s a list of four such amazing, Indian start-ups, which would be a dream for any Data Science aspirant, to work with.
Edge Networks

Taking the use of data science, to enhance the HR departments of every company out there, this startup was founded in the year 2002. With data science and artificial intelligence, as its core drivers, Edge Networks, in the bid to decrease the cumbersomeness, encountered by a number of job seekers out there, has come up with their product, HIREalchemy. Their solution basically deals with talent acquisition, internal workforce optimization and talent analytics.

Fluid AI

Gone are the days, when one would wish for a way to operate any and every electronic device, with the help of a touch screen. Now it is actually possible for anyone to control, any electronic device with a screen, just by their gestures. The best part? An Indian startup, Fluid AI is attempting to create a huge revolution, which would be really gainful for not only the government of India, but also for the Finance, Web and Marketing industries. Imagine how exciting it would be if any screen, could assist you with more efficiency than any human assistance would be able to provide.

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Mad Street Den

While we all may joke around about how sometimes, online shopping can be entirely misleading. Especially when you want to buy the kind of dress that you’ve been dreaming of. You find the exact one and order it, but something entirely different is delivered to your place, which is absolutely not what you have been looking for. This is where this start-up’s flagship product, Vue.ai comes into the picture. It relies heavily on the concepts of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and attempts to provide the customers, with exactly what they’ve been looking for by sending targeted emails and the likes.


India is a very large, populous nation and more often than not, a lot of doctors are faced with the herculean task of being able to provide diagnosis, as well as treatment very promptly. This is where this start up comes into the picture. It is being devised to assist various medical practitioners, in rapid diagnosis, with the help of Image Processing, Classification with AI and Machine Learning at its core.

These amazing startups make it seem like a dream, for any Data Scientist to work in the Indian Data Industry. With various institutes like Imarticus Learning, offering specialization courses in various data analytics tools like R, SAS and Hadoop, achieving the dream is very possible today.

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