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February 25, 2019
How Business Analysts Can Identify and Reduce Sales Gaps?   Sales are worked for and don’t happen by chance. The marketing and sales departments need the sales funnel, the pipelines and effective strategy to translate them into currency. Your Business Analyst can help you grow your sales as these great marketers show you the way. Why sales persons need a BA? CEO Warren Kurzrock, […] Read More »
December 17, 2018
Top tips on how to apply data analytics in your project Data science and analytics are two extremely useful tools that can give accuracy to your project and help automate repetitive tasks. With the demand and scope of data analytics growing with each passing day, companies are trying to integrate everything and get as much information on it as they can. Data science techniques and analysis […] Read More »
December 12, 2018
10 MOST POPULAR ANALYTICS TOOLS IN BUSINESS   The increasing importance and demand of data analytics has opened up a new potential in the market. Each year, new tools and programming languages are being launched aimed at easing up the process of analyzing and visualizing the data. While many such advanced business intelligence tools come up in paid versions, there are great […] Read More »