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December 7, 2016
The Advantages Of SAS Certification The revolutionary transition of big data from, just an experimental mode, to accounting for record breaking revenues for e-giants like Google, Ebay, Snapchat and so on; had made big data the biggest key aspect of marketing today. This has gotten almost everyone into a flurry of activity, to try and master the various data analytics […] Read More »
November 18, 2016
What Are The Best Data Science Courses At Imarticus? In the recent time, the data analytics industry has shown a great, unprecedented growth, what with data being generated at a lightning fast speed on a daily basis. Take any statistical report, which deals with the concept of big data and you would be astounded by the rate of which, opportunities are being created for […] Read More »
October 22, 2016
R Users Need To Study SAS Programming As Well, Here’s Why When it comes to the IT industry, there are a number of debates, regarding various gadgets, operating systems, applications and so on. There is also one lesser known debate, which takes place quite often in specific IT circles. This is the debate between SAS Programming and R Programming, two of the most popular and highly […] Read More »