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How to Learn SAS Online For Beginners?

SAS or Statistical Analysis System as its technical name goes has by far been an undefeated champion when it comes to the data programming tools. In the industry of data science, this licensed tool has been ruling the roost both in terms of the number of users and the recommendations. Although today, the momentum of its popularity is facing roadblocks majorly in terms of an increasing number of open sourced tools and super interactive community forums.

Whatever may be the case, this tool still happens to hold a huge chunk of market share in the industry. A steady growth has been documented, especially in terms of the jobs in countries like the US, UK and India, where employers are on the lookout for professionals trained in SAS. Another major factor that works immensely in favour of SAS is that it is one tool which can be learnt very easily. This may be the reason why many aspirants are advised to start off their journey with SAS owing to its flexibility and user-friendly nature.

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So if you happen to be one such aspirant who wants to learn how to work with SAS but doesn’t know how to make the head or tail of it, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we arm you with an ideal set of tips which you must follow to gain momentum with SAS. A point of disclaimer is that this is an ideal way and could very well be customised by you.

  1. Find out the reason why exactly you want to learn SAS, talk to people who you know are involved in the industry and get their valuable inputs. Once you have cemented your base, go ahead and download a university edition by creating a SAS profile. You will also be required to download VMware or Oracle Virtual Box to make the software compatible.
  2. A few things to remember about the university edition of SAS would be that firstly, it works only on 64-bit machines and you will have to download the Oracle Virtual Box well before you begin downloading the software.
  3. Once you’re done with this, you would find it really helpful to go through the Base SAS training program that is provided on This is free and promises to teach you the basics of the tool in about 24 hours. Just remember to solve all the quizzes.
  4. It is usually advised that once your basics of SAS are clear, you must try and look into learning SQL. Once you do that it would help you out with accessing the data. There is no hard and fast rule about this as you can, even go about your data managing jobs without learning SQL.
  5. Take up the learning of descriptive statistics, look into online free courses or paid courses which would teach you the same. Once you are done with the primary path, you can diversify your learning into inferential statistics, linear and logistic regression, decision trees, clustering and segmentation and so on.

If you happen to feel that going through this whole process on your own could be quite tedious, then don’t fret at all. Today there happen to be many esteemed institutes like Imarticus Learning which offer many comprehensive courses in tools like SAS Programming which you can opt for.

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The Advantages Of SAS Certification


The revolutionary transition of big data from, just an experimental mode, to accounting for record breaking revenues for e-giants like Google, Ebay, Snapchat and so on; had made big data the biggest key aspect of marketing today. This has gotten almost everyone into a flurry of activity, to try and master the various data analytics tools that allow the conversion of plain, logical data into value based insights for business expansion. The various data analytics tools include SAS Programming, R Programming, Big Data Hadoop, Python and so on. As almost everyone tries to grapple with the knowledge of using these data analytics tools, Imarticus Learning is becoming very sought after for their tailor made, industry relevant training programs. SAS Programming is one certification that is highly recommended by all the experts in the Data Science Industry, mainly due to the fact that its been out there, for quite a long time now.

sas-powerThe SAS, also known as the Statistical Analysis System is basically, a collection of software products, offered by the SAS Institute. These offerings primarily enable the user to perform a wide variety of tasks that cover almost every aspect of the business landscape. Working as a one stop shop location for performing a host of activities, is what makes for the most prominent advantage of a SAS Certification. The SAS programming tool helps a professional, to perform a host of functions from, information system support, and customer care products to even human resources management. This makes studying for the SAS Certification all the more worthwhile, mainly due to its wide scope of applications.

The amount of data generated every single day, is well beyond the efforts that are being made to analyse it. With almost every firm and company out there, regardless of what field they belong to, going out and trying to mine as much data as possible, the stakes of ensuring your data is transformed into asset-like decisions has almost become a norm today. In such an age of super competition and the rapid increase of the amount of data being generated, it becomes only logical to take the help of the most experienced technology. This is what makes having a SAS Certification extremely beneficial to one’s career. SAS has literally been ruling the roost for a long while now, where most of the companies have it as they default software. While having this certification under your belt will give you great rewards in the IT industry, it can also serve as a great pay-giver on the corporate side of the economy.

The IT Industry has already recognized the universal value of SAS and hence has begun to demand for skilled employees in this particular data analytics tool. As most of the companies have this as their default software, hiring a professional who is well versed with it, is extremely beneficial to them. Thus by extension, if you are an asset to the company, chances of your development are a lot more as well. These advantages of SAS are basically the reason why this data analytics tool has gained a lot of takers in the recent years.

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What Are The Best Data Science Courses At Imarticus?

data science

In the recent time, the data analytics industry has shown a great, unprecedented growth, what with data being generated at a lightning fast speed on a daily basis. Take any statistical report, which deals with the concept of big data and you would be astounded by the rate of which, opportunities are being created for companies, the world over, to harness the power of this data and convert it into valuable insights. When we narrow it down to just India, researchers state that in the next 10 years, there’s bound to be an eight-fold growth and the data analytics industry, is expected to reach $16 billion in worth. This would get India a position amongst the top three analytics markets, on a global level. Although right now, this seems like a faraway reality, mainly due to the vagueness that surrounds this particular sphere. Currently, there is a lack of the right skills, being available for the job, which has the chances of overshooting the demand for data scientists in the near future. The announcement by Harvard Business Review, which called Data Science as the sexiest career of the 21st Century, has led to a major increase amongst the data science aspirants.

Top 4 Analytics Training Institute in IndiaThis has also contributed to Imarticus, being one of the most sought after institutes in the sphere of data science. Recently, Imarticus collaborated with Genpact, which is a leader in designing, transforming and running business process operations, in the capacity of their knowledge partner. This collaboration would be instrumental in furthering the endeavor of Imarticus, to bridge the wide skillgap, which is currently prevalent especially in the Data Analytics Space. Imarticus has also received a number of accolades including the #1 Big Data Training Institute by Silicon India, as well as secured its position as one of the top 4 analytics training institutes in India.

They offer the best courses when it comes to data science, some of their esteemed courses are listed below:

Certificate In Data Science And SAS

CDSS-thumbnail-01This course is one of their, extensive short term courses and has a curriculum, which includes Base SAS and Predictive Analytics, Multivariate Analytics, Optimization and Forecasting using advanced statistical models. The unique feature here is, apart from being entirely industry-endorsed, this program is run by SAS specialists or experienced professionals in the sphere of data analytics. Apart from inculcating features like live case studies and business problems, this program also offers candidates, with an industry endorsed as well as prepares the candidates to crack two more internationally renowned certifications namely, Bases SAS and Predictive Modeling from SAS Institute.

Diploma In Big Data And Analytics
Imarticus Prodegree
This program strives to provide a methodical understanding of Data Science and Big Data in a unique hands-on learning experience, with the help of data analytics tools like, SAS, Hadoop, Python, Tableau. It also allows the candidate to specialize either in the data analytics tools like Python or R. Apart from this, the highlight of this program is the one month integrated internship, which is followed by placement at India’s leading Analytics firms. This program is painstakingly designed, while keeping in mind the needs of an evolving Analytics industry, which is always on the look out for individuals, that are job ready.


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R Users Need To Study SAS Programming As Well, Here’s Why

R Users Need To Study SAS Programming

When it comes to the IT industry, there are a number of debates, regarding various gadgets, operating systems, applications and so on. There is also one lesser known debate, which takes place quite often in specific IT circles. This is the debate between SAS Programming and R Programming, two of the most popular and highly preferred tools in the data analytics industry. The field of data analytics deals with the great amounts of data in the virtual space, which is generated by companies, across different fields. While both of these data anlytics tools, perform very similar functions, one very essential distinction between them is, that R Programming is an open source software, whereas SAS is a paid, licensed software. As there is a huge demand for highly skilled professionals in the field of data analytics, a lot of institutes have begun to offer courses in R and SAS training.

Certification in SASWhile R is an open sourced software, which means that it can easily downloaded. This easy access is what has made it so popular in the data analytics field. While it is true that R can do everything that SAS can do, which is the opening argument of a lot of R users; it is also important to note that softwares like SPSS can also do what both R and SAS can do. While SAS Programming is a paid licensed product, R is free and this why it is believed to better than any other data analytics tool. This may be true in some aspects, where R users get to experience all the new and updated techniques whereas it takes a while for SAS Programming to assimilate them. Think of it as a windows versus linux argument, where although Linux does everything similar to Microsoft, yet does not really have that much credibility in terms of the official usage. When R users opt for SAS training, they get to learn the not only the oldest tool in the market, but also a software that has been used as a default software in many companies for the past three decades now.

SAS Programming training will equip a professional to cover almost all the areas of statistical analysis and techniques. The fact that it is a licensed product, users can be sure that all the new additional changes are thoroughly tested by the support center. R users getting trained in SAS would be able to handle large databases without any glitches like memory errors or becoming unresponsive. SAS is designed as a data manipulation language, which means that it can run intuitively and is very easy to learn, this would be a fresh change from the fact that R is more difficult to learn. Although there are a lot of reasons why one would prefer R, mainly because it is free, can be updated and has a huge community where one can find out problems, but it cannot be SAS. This programming language is already a default software in a lot of companies, most of them do not even use it for analytics purposes. SAS provides a great support base, guarantee and is best tool to us in the long run. Hence it becomes a necessity for R users to try and master the skills of SAS programming.



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R or SAS? Most Used Tool in Analytics Industries

With the boom of the digitalization era and the advent of Big Data, firms and companies started taking notice of the amount of data that was created. It is known that, if one could burn all the data onto CD drives and stack them, the pile would reach the moon twice. Easy access to technology has led to the number of users and thereby, the amount of data generated on a daily basis. As this data cannot be stored in traditional storage systems, there are new systems devised specially for it. What we can infer from this is if one wants to interpret this data, they have to possess a certain set of skills. These people with a specific set of skills are popularly known as Data Scientists.


Data Science is the field, where big data is studied, interpreted and analyzed to draw insights and then take relevant business decisions. There are a lot of professionals in the field of data science, who make use of various tools to help them in data analytics. SAS programming, R Programming, Python, Pig and so on are some of the tools used for data analytics. Interestingly enough, a lot more professionals use SAS programming than R.

The reason is some of the fundamental differences between the two, which will be elaborated in this article.
SAS or Statistical Analysis System is a very old programming software which has been used by almost all the professionals including Data Scientists. It has been on the scene for a much longer time than R programming and is the default software in a lot of firms.

Another fundamental difference is that, R programming is open source software while SAS is licensed software. The major reason for R programming getting a lot of popularity is the fact that it can be downloaded and used free of cost, while SAS programming is considerably expensive.

R programming is primarily coding/programming software, where someone with a background in the field of IT works well. Whereas there have been so many people who have been using the SAS software for everything but statistical use. The SAS programming software is more of a graphical user interface, where the coding part is rarely needed.

Being an open source, R Programming also has its downsides, as it does not have any accountability because; it is out there for everyone to change and use as they go. In addition to that, it is not tested at all as there is no central authority providing this software. With being free, comes no support in fixing of any issues as well, which then leads the user to take help of Google for solving the issues.

Contrary to that, as SAS is licensed it provides high level technical support and comes with great accountability. Although it is expensive, it is very reliable as there are a number of timely upgrades to this software. While R programming is a software that is not tested at the same time, SAS is a thoroughly tested programming language.
Although it may seem that there are stark differences in both the programming language tools, it is evident that R programming is of utmost use in research institutes and for people who want to practice learns it. SAS on the other hand, cannot be used just for learning due to its highly expensive nature.

While it may seem that one of the two programming languages is important and the other is not, it is not the case. For a data scientist, it becomes imperative to have knowledge of how to use every tool there is. One can achieve the same either on their own, or by taking a course on any tool.

Imarticus learning is an institute that offers both short term and long term courses on data analytics, R programming, SAS programming, Python and more.

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