Switch Careers, the Discreet Way

March 21, 2017
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There are statistics that state that around 35% of people would be looking for new jobs this year, a large chunk of those would be all the freshers who would be trying out a number of jobs in order to see which one fits the absolute best. While every job requires a professional to be able to qualify for the said educational requirements, but most jobs usually demand much more than just a degree. This is the reason why most of the HR managers are always on the lookout for candidates, who have proper, industry-relevant skills for their respective industries. Which is why a number of candidates look to getting degrees, but also take up various professional courses, which will help them in enhancing their careers. Imarticus Learning is one such institute, which offers industry endorsed courses in the field of Finance and Analytics, which comprise of training candidates in developing skill sets that are very relevant to their particular industries.

One very pressing problem for anyone who is on the lookout for a new job is how to accomplish the task discreetly. Many professionals who post their updated C.Vs on various forums are usually very apprehensive about their current employer finding out and subjecting them to possible reprimanding, or worse firing them. LinkedIn, one of the best job seeking portals for everyone looking to get placed, have come up with a solution for this.

Here are a few steps that you can take, which will help you in looking for a job, in the most discreet manner.

1. In your LinkedIn account there’s a feature known as ‘Open Candidates’; once you click the same, it tells all the recruiters out there that you are open to a switch, from your current job and at the same time, LinkedIn will help get you properly covered, metaphorically.

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2. This feature would basically help you go incognito, look for a job with potential employers, all the while not let your employer know about anything. This tab is known as ‘Let Recruiters Know You’re Open Tab’ and comes in really handy for someone who is apprehensive about rubbing their present employer the wrong way.

3. Most of the professionals usually have their LinkedIn accounts already made up for them, there are also a number of companies which only recruit, majorly through LinkedIn, thus if you already have an account then you don’t really have to change any part of your information. Just make sure that you don’t log into your account at any time, in your present workplace.

On the other hand, for all those who don’t really have an account on LinkedIn and find it to be the best option for their next job, all they have to do is fill in half the details and surely, an interested employer would contact you if they think, you fit the bill for the same.

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These are some very unique but helpful ways that LinkedIn offers for all those candidates, who are looking for a job change in their career.


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    The site contains a very great blog. the information present in this site will be very useful for us. thank you for sharing the blog with us.

  • Shruthy says:

    I recently enrolled for online CBA course from Imarticus. I am residing in chennai. I have 4 years exp in telecom sector in the Network operations of an intl submarine cable system.

    What are the steps that I must proceed in my ladder of success as a Business Analyst/ beginner of BA with a good job?

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