Signs That You Are An Exceptional Employee

March 3, 2017

In honour of Employee Appreciation Day, we bring to you a special blog on what makes you an exceptional employee.


Every professional who has been or is the part of the Human Resources industry is looking for a great employee. Statistics state that there are about 35% of HR managers who feel that great employees are rarely found, as most of the professionals out there cannot really qualify to the industrial standards. So what makes for a great employee?  Someone who knows all the ropes of the industry and also has a non-technical set of skills which ensure that they perform exceptionally. The next question then would be how would a person be able to become an exceptional employee. There’s a number of institutes these days which offer exceptional academic courses as well as comprehensive training which is relevant to the industry. While these skills are entirely non-technical and most often rated during the employee performance appraisals, are there any other skills which would make a professional an exceptional employee?


Here’s a list of skills or signs, which would help HR Managers figure out, whether a professional is an exceptional employee:

Doesn’t Stick To Their Job Alone

While there are enormously successful companies out there, there are also small start-ups with immense potential. In workplaces like the latter, an employee would be expected to do everything that is written in their job description, and then some. Workplaces like these expect the employees to think of their toes, be amazing with adapting to different situations and make it their priority to get things done.

They’re Different

While it may sound as extremely cliché, an exceptional employee is certainly not some run of the mill kind of a professional. Exceptional employees are people who like being different from the norm and they even enjoy being the exception to the rule. These people, who are naturally different would also have a very different approach to doing things, thus basically they would go ahead and try to change the way, things are and in doing so will entirely be exceptional.

They Know How to Be a Part of The Team

As much as they’d like to flaunt their individuality, whenever a stressful or important situation arises, these employees know how to effortlessly seam into becoming a part of the team and working in tandem with millions of cogs in the machine. These employees excel at playing things cool and being rock solid in stressful situations.

They are Expressive yet Private

Today’s world highly supports the notion of superiority, where people derive a carnal pleasure from being able to draw everyone’s attention to other people’s flaws. An exceptional employee would be someone who would do the exact opposite. An individual like that would be more than happy to appreciate their co-workers, as well as subordinates publicly, but on the other hand, if they do have to bring a certain issue to light, they would rather do it in a private space. The quality to be able to acknowledge and appreciate contribution is quite rare to find among employees, especially appreciation towards those subordinate to them.

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