November 8, 2012


That’s how our student, Vivek Shah feels after joining Imarticus. This is what he has to say about us –

“Wishes will come true as targeted goals become clear,

After joining Imarticus, investment bank will become very dear ;

Hard work is the key to success; so make it your friend,
And smart work with experts is the new Imarticus trend ;

Operations was unknown and investment bank was just a name,
Imarticus made us feel that IB is an exciting game ;

Imarticus is an institute and a training centre with a prominent rank,
Professional atmosphere gives a perfect feel of an investment bank ;

Brilliance can only be achieved and it cannot be bought,
Interactive sessions leave us behind with an aspiring thought ;

Along with concepts, personality is also groomed,
Perfection is their desire and every career is bloomed ;

Experts from corporates give us practical exposure,
So,our thought process and industry comes more closer ;

Structure of the course and the levels defined are commendable,
Training is immaculate, and in the industry its bankable ;

Getting placed is not the end but a new beginning,
Imarticus will be carried further with us, as it’s bright stars shining.

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