Overwhelming Participation by CIBOP Students at Imarticus

September 21, 2012

Imarticus Learning launched its  September batch of CIBOP program on the 15th of this month. It started with a half day induction program ,providing an overview of the training sessions that the students will undergo. Students were also introduced to the innovative training methodologies like Simulations and Mentor program.

Dr. Murali Subrahmanyam, Board Board member , Nomura Services India P L addressed the students over Skype. He shared his experiences of the IB Industry and also took questions from the students on the industry. Later in the day, Nikhil Barshikar, Executive Director, Nomura also addressed the students over a “Lunch n Learn” session . The students were appreciative of the valuable insights provided by him on the Industry trends and career opportunities. Nikhil also emphasized the importance of domain knowledge as an important ingredient to success in the Industry.

The first session on the Financial system by Harish Thakkar marked the commencement of the CIBOP training program. The session objective was to give the students a detailed understanding of the Structure of the Financial system and the role played by the financial institutions and intermediaries.

The second day of training was an introduction to cash equities and the exchange trading system in UK.
The training was well received with an overwhelming participation by the class. The highlight of the session was high level of interaction as the training methodology was more of a “question based discussion” (QBD).

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